Based in Singapore, 5ive2wo Tutoring provides educational services to students from primary to tertiary levels. It offers both online and offline lessons and is known for its 5-Step 'Study Cycle' Method that helps students improve their learning efficiency and excel in academics. 5ive2wo is spearheaded by Ms. Teo Lay Leng, who has helped thousands of students realize their potential over the past 30 years.


With COVID-19, students were forced to use online platforms for education and our tutors were finding it difficult to create tests and quizzes online.


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, creating online quizzes and examinations has become a simple task. We found a wide variety of templates for different quizzes and many video tutorials for quiz creation. It is both a simple yet extremely effective way to create professional-looking quizzes.

With over 10 question types, including multiple-choice and open-ended, ProProfs Quiz software makes it very easy to generate the types of questions we want.

10 question types

Of course, the best online quizzes provide an excellent learner experience. When it comes to students' feedback on taking online examinations, ProProfs has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

Most of our students have requested for more examinations to be conducted on the ProProfs quiz platform. With the automated marking system, the quizzes are graded immediately. Students can identify their mistakes and learn from them with the instant feedback feature as soon as their examination is complete.

Our tutors also love ProProfs as the data for every student taking the quiz is collated and organized in reports for easy analysis. We can identify the mistakes our students make or even topics most students are weak in.

identify the mistakes


ProProfs Quiz Maker can be considered a definite necessity for anyone looking for ways to take their surveys, quizzes, or examinations online.

It’s a great platform with excellent customer service. We’ve enjoyed all the benefits ProProfs brought to 5ive2wo Tutoring.

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