Time Spent Per Question Helps Identify Cheating & Question Difficulty

time spent per questionOur new time based reports in the stats page gives you a detailed report including the time spent by a learner/s on a particular quiz question or to complete the whole quiz.

This information helps you to detect cheating in online tests as well as understanding the difficulty level of the questions by looking at how much time students are spending on each question.

1.Detect cheating during online tests

One of the ways to detect cheating is by reviewing the time spent by a learner on an entire quiz. You can then compare this to the average time spent by the learner’s group on the same quiz . If you see a significant difference, you can dig in deeper and look at the time spent by the learner on each question. This will give you an idea of whether the learner has used unfair means to pass the test.

For additional protection you can also identify cheating patterns by looking at IP addresses or time based stats.
time based quiz stats

2.Understand difficulty level of questions

With ProProfs Quiz Maker’s time-based question stats you can understand, how difficult or easy your quiz is, for your learners. You can look at the total time taken to complete the quiz as well as the average time taken on each question. This would give you an estimate of where students tend to spent more time thinking and if the overall difficulty and time needs of the quiz are as what you had anticipated.
Average time taken per question

3. Ensure your quiz matches your student’s learning speed

By tracking the time spent by learners on a quiz you can effectively modify your quiz to match their learning speed. If you find that the average time taken by the whole class is much higher than you expected, then you can shorten or simplify your quiz. Conversely, you can also add new question to make the quiz more challenging.  You can also quickly identify learners who are performing below average and help them improve by preparing special quizzes focusing on the areas, where they are facing difficulties.
Average time taken per question

With ProProfs Stats you can become a better educator and help your learners to learn better. See ProProfs FAQ section to know more about how you can view the time taken by learners on a quiz and per question or check out our time based question stats by creating a quiz now.