Technorati Gives Kudos to ProProfs for Changing Education for the Better

TechnoratiTechnorati – world’s 3rd largest blog property, recently published an article in which ProProfs was lauded for changing education by introducing innovative ways of creating and administering online education and training.

We feel honored to have been mentioned by Technorati, alongside  Google + and Screencast, as part of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) movement, which is an initiative to harness technology for making knowledge and learning more accessible to the public.


The recent offerings from Google, including Google+ Hangouts, Screencast and ProProfs Training Maker are making it possible to create a different kind of intimacy online.

– Technoratri

What the article is about

The article highlights the importance of MOOC – a recent development in online learning. MOOC refers to open online courses offered by institutions or individuals, to the general public free of cost.

In this context, ProProfs is part of the MOOC Movement as we offer over 3 million free quizzes readily available for anyone to study and use.

Along with this, we also offer many free courses, flashcards, polls, surveys and other free educational resources such as SAT, IT certification, brain games etc, which help educators and learners enhance their knowledge, and encourages them to share their learning with others.