CBS Features ProProfs: Secrets of Online Training

CBS NewsIn a recent article published by CBS News, one of the biggest broadcasting networks in United States, ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia shared some rare insights and tips on online training.

In the article, Sameer pens down some excellent tips on how businesses and trainers can “maximize the benefits of an online training program“.




How to make the most of an online training program

Focus on the individual: Create and organize online training sessions so that it accommodates the difference in individual learning styles, schedules, geographical and time differences.

Test learners’ knowledge: Back up you online training programs with relevant and effective online assessments and tests, which help you to measure the progress of your learners.

Get feedback from learners: Once your learners have finished taking an online course or test, get feedback from them using course evaluation feedback surveys etc.

Importance of retests: To identify and correct knowledge gaps that may exists, create strategic retests so that you can measure the accurately judge the impact of your online training programs.

Make online training comprehensive: Since online training can be taken by learners from anywhere at anytime, irrespective of time and geographical differences, use these benefits to the fullest and save your organization’s time and money.

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