Sharing your Feedback for Essay Questions is a Few Clicks Away

Feedback for Essay QuestionsWe recently added a new feature which helps you provide valuable feedback to the essay answers of your students. Now, you can make a personalized comment to the essay answers of students, which helps them improve their understanding of a particular topic.

Earlier we had introduced the essay grading feature, which allowed you to easily assign points to essay question typesNow the grading of essay questions has become more robust as you can even add feedback to individual essay questions, which eventually show in the report card of learners.

In the final report card that learners receive, your comment will be shown as in the image below:

Instructor Comment in the Final Report

Follow the steps below to add comments to essay type questions and send the updated report card to your learners.

Step 1: Go to My Quizzes and click on Reports and Attempts

Reports and Attempts

Step 2: Click on View, under Score Reports

Click on View Report

Step 3: Click on “Instructor Feedback”, add your comment in the dialog box and click on Save.

Essay Comments

Step 4: After you finish grading the essay questions, you can mark it as complete and email the report to learners as shown below

Email Report Card

Step 5: When you email the report card to your learners, select Full Report so that your comments for the essay questions are included in the report card.

Send Updated Report