GetApp: #1 Cloud Apps Marketplace Gives ProProfs A Rave Review

Getapp LogoWe are delighted that ProProfs Reviews have been pouring from all corners of the web. The recent one is from Get App – “the #1 independent Cloud Apps Marketplace that helps businesses to discover, compare, review and purchase the best B2B apps”.

We would like to share this awesome review of our online training software with you and would love it if you could share your ProProfs experience by commenting on the article.

ProProfs enables you to create new instructional and training material in an innovative manner. The e-commerce platform also ensures that you can earn revenue off your e-learning material. Highly recommended.

– GetApp on ProProfs

Why Get App likes ProProfs

Easy of deployment 

“Setting up ProProfs is extremely easy. You can begin creating learning materials immediately after creating an account.”

Ease of Use

“The menu of options available for each training option in the solution is exhaustive. Despite this, the solution is not complex.” 

Powerful features such as:

  • Automated grading of courses
  • Online certification for courses
  • Classrooms  for learner management
  • Security notifications, enrollment notifications and permissions for each course.

Comprehensive suite of analytics such as:

  • Reports tracking usage and completion rates for courses
  • Preview and analytics capabilities to track feedback for learning artifact after it has been dispatched
  • Audit history of modifications to a course

Innovative eCommerce platform 

  • Revenue platform for users
  • Creates a repository of useful e-learning content.
  • Enable instructors and educators to make sense of the elearning market

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