ProProfs Training Maker Recognized as an Exceptional Online Training Software

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ProProfs Training Maker proved its mettle again, grabbing outstanding scores on popular review platform CompareCamp. Star studded with Great User Experience and Rising Star awards, ProProfs Training Maker software scored an overall 85 out of 100 in user reviews.

The CompareCamp review platform listed several benefits users can take advantage from ProProfs Training Maker including anytime, anywhere accessibility from any device and simplicity in creating online courses, conducting exams, and generating detailed reports. Courses can easily be created with templates, tests are more dynamic with our quiz creator tool, and assessing learner results and behavior is a breeze.

CompareCamp also praised our “top notch security” tools that allow users to offer courses to private groups that involve case-sensitive information such as student ID and email address. Additionally, users are also given the freedom to share courses to the public via email and leading social media platforms with custom messaging.

Because ProProfs Training Maker accomplishes to make these once difficult tasks a walk in the park, CompareCamp awarded us the Great User Experience award. Similarly, with ProProfs Training Maker proving as a reliable platform for companies of all sizes, we received CompareCamp’s Rising Star award. Such recognition’s are sure to fuel our efforts to make ProProfs Training Maker a world-class tool that would reflect in future updates.

CompareCamp’s review shows that ProProfs Training Maker is an unmatched platform for delivering a delightful learning experience for all types of learners while reducing course creation time to almost half. Don’t forget to check Comparecamp’s detailed review about our training tool and sign-up for a 15-day, free trial!