Match the Following Quiz Helps Us Learn Difficult Topics in No Time

match the following quizWhen you create a quiz, you can choose the format of your quiz from different questions types. We have a number of question types in our create a quiz page such as multiple choice, checkboxes, fill in the blanks, true/false and essay type. Recently, we have added a new question type which is Match the following. This new question type improves your quiz in a number of ways:

1. Make your quizzes more challenging 

Most question types test our ability to accurately recall a piece of information. However, a Match the following quiz question type goes a step further by providing the questions together with their answers. This makes the quiz more challenging because we have to be absolutely sure before ticking the correct answers as a single wrong guess can get us all the answers incorrect. Moreover, while taking the quiz, we understand precisely where our doubts lie and can work on those areas once we’re through with it. This way we quickly learn new topics as well as recall more accurately, later.

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2. Learn confusing terms quickly 

It’s not just scientific journals which have confusing words. Even common words which we refer to every day, such as sex and gender or CV and resume, can get confusing. A Match the following quiz helps us quickly learn confusing terms by providing clear and crisp answers, telling us about the exact differences between the terms. Whether it may be the differences between Alpha waves and Beta waves or between sweet potato and yam, Match the following quizzes help us get our facts straight in no time.

3. We believe in hard work not just luck

Since a single wrong guess can get us all the answers incorrect, we are more cautious while taking a Match the following quiz and are not tempted to guess the answer like in a true or false quiz. On the flip side, if we know the answers to four out of a five question set then we get the last answer correct by default. However, the important thing is that we have to be absolutely sure about the four first, which means we have to study and not flip a coin to choose the right answer.

4. Add variety with  match the following quiz questions

The function of a quiz is to improve the learning process. And when it comes to learning, more is always merrier as every question type adds to the overall learning process. We already know that a fill in the blanks or a true/false question type, tests our ability to accurately recall a piece of information. A match the following quiz tests our mental abilities further by providing a similar set of answers for an equal number of related questions, which play tricks on our memory and confuse us. This makes the process much more engaging and challenging.

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If you have already tried out our existing question types like multiple choices, check boxes and the like, you will surely find Match the following a welcome addition to the bunch. And if you haven’t, well here’s your chance to make your quizzes more challenging, engaging and fun.

Create an online quiz and try out our new question type.