How to Create Folders to Organize Your Quizzes Better

Create folders to organize QuizzesWe noticed that managing a large number of quizzes can become a messy business.  So we are glad to introduce  “Folders”  for managing your quizzes easily with our Quiz Maker.  We want you to not only create awesome quizzes but also manage them with just a single click of a button.






Organize Quizzes According To Subjects 

You can easily sort quizzes according to their topics by creating a folder for each subject. Let’s say you have created 5 different quizzes each for biology, computer science, mathematics and physics. Now, you can easily create four different folders for each of the subjects and the next time you create another quiz on any one of these subjects, you can instantly send the quiz to the correct folder with just a single click.


Organize Folder

At ProProps, we want you to not only create awesome quizzes but also manage them with just a few clicks of a button.

Create a quiz, to start adding folders and organize your quizzes better.

How To Create A New Folder And Add Quizzes

Step 1. Go to “My Quizzes” and click on “Organize Folders”.

Organize Folder

Step 2. Click on “Create a Folder” to add the name of your folder and click on “Create”.

Add a New Folder

Step 3. Click on "Add A Quiz" to select the quizzes you want to add in the folder.

Add, Edit Or View Folder

Step 4. Check the box to select the quiz you want to add and click on “Add to Folder”

Add a quiz to the folder

Step 5. Click on “Done” and you are good to go.


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