Let your knowledgebase speak multiple languages!

Knowledge BaseThe growth of international business increases the need to have an online knowledge base which teams across the globe can access in the language they speak. It is quickly becoming more important for businesses to fulfill this need so employees spread across across geographical regions can get access to crucial data. What’s more is that even businesses with a multilingual customer base need a knowledgebase that speaks several languages. At ProProfs, we realized that more and more businesses are now becoming aware of this and so offering a knowledgebase or an online FAQ that speaks multiple languages made total sense. So here we are – you can now create a knowledgebase in 72 languages with ProProfs!

How do you select the language for your knowledge base (KB)?
It’s simple.

  • Login and click on ‘Edit Settings’ of the KB
  • Select the Language tab
  • Once in, pick the language you wish to create the KB in.

That’s it. You’re done.

ProProfs Knowledge Base

How does this help you?

Reach A Wider Audience: In International business, the English language has established itself as the world’s most dominant language. Businesses naturally presume that communicating internationally using English is always the “best” practice. But that may not always be so. By letting your audience access your knowledgebase or online FAQ in several languages, you reach a wider audience to access important data.

Get more customers: Moreover, as a growing business, you really need to give your customers an experience so amazing and delightful that they keep coming back. To achieve this, you would certainly need a knowledgebase that customers can easily understand and get fast access to. Your efforts can resonate with your customers only if you speak their language and answer their concerns. Investing in separate infrastructure to support each language is going to end up creating inconsistencies in your knowledgebase, and consequently what your agents tell your customers. Worse, all of this could cost you an arm and a leg! Instead, you can simply use ProProfs Knowledgebase and take your business to your customers, no matter what language they speak.

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