Easily Track Learner Performance in Your Systems with ProProfs API

ProProfs APIWith ProProfs, you can easily share and receive information by working with our API. You can integrate your systems to seamlessly perform a number of tasks, one of which is tracking the progress of learners.

Using our API, you can track learners without ever logging into ProProfs. You can instantly receive updated records of all the new users who have registered to your classroom. This includes details such as the number of learners who have completed your training, those who have made certain progress in their courses (progress is shown as percentage, 25%, 50% etc) and even those who are yet to take it.

Why API?

Share & receive information quickly – ProProfs API helps you instantly access your data. Your systems stay updated about learners’ activities, which helps you, as an instructor, to offer learners timely feedback on the courses they have completed or quickly send them a reminder if they have any pending course or quiz. You can not only view this data but also export it into any format you want, such as an Excel file, web-page etc and quickly share it with your colleagues, managers and other stakeholders.

Save time & effort – You can access information such as learner details, course completion records and more via your classroom. Taking this a step further, you can use ProProfs API to access all of this information without ever logging in. This saves much time and effort, especially for large enterprises where employee churn is high, and thousands of employees are taking the training at a time.

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