Five Effective Tips to Encourage Student Engagement in Online Tests

online engagement Students often complain that quizzes are too easy, dull, and/or pointless. Many students believe that teachers create quizzes in order to kill time. Sometimes these statements may be true, but sometimes teachers simply aren’t sure how to effectively create assessments that keep a student’s interest. So how is this done?

In order for students to benefit from any tool or method, they must be engaged in the material being taught. Effective assessments can only occur when students are interested enough to give the most accurate answer they know.

Using online quizzes and tests can be an effective addition to a course. ProProfs Quiz Maker can help simplify the task of using online tests. However, without some variety, even online assessments can become mundane. To keep students engaged, try changing the way you use an online quiz or test within a course.

With the following five tips you will be on your way to utilizing online tests that engage students, as well as getting more accurate results.

(1)  Use frequent, precise quizzes at regular intervals. This technique has proven useful both as a teaching tool and as a progressive assessment tool for instructors. It works well when used in conjunction with a textbook students are expected to read and grasp. Using this method, students are more likely to read and remember since quizzes occur frequently throughout a unit.

(2)  Minimize the number of questions on smaller quizzes. When using frequent quizzes, reduce the number of questions on each quiz. Many instructors find that an average of ten questions is most effective in keeping students engaged while promoting retention of course material.

(3)  Try adding media to enhance individual questions. Attach interactive media to the questions of your online assessment and ask students to examine it in order to find an answer. This would include the use of maps, diagrams, sketches, photographs, or even equations.

(4) Compose a story or example relating to course content. Stories grab students’ attention. With the right story you can get students to think about the learning material in a more conceptual than a theoretical way. Use your story as a basis for asking students to do one or more of the following:

  1. complete a statement about a concept or idea in the lesson
  2. make choices or choose multiple options relating to truth
  3. recall important facts and explain why these facts are important
  4. create a solution to a problem posed in the story

(5) Pair students to complete an online test.  This is a great alternative way to deliver an online test. Ask students to work in pairs to discuss and answer questions posed in a quiz. It works best when using challenging, problem-solving type questions, where students have to have a discussion before selecting a solution.

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Engaging students in the assessment aspect of the learning process will increase overall retention while improving grades. Using these tips when creating online quizzes is sure to keep students interested. Try at least one of the above ideas on your next one and you may be pleasantly surprised. And if you are not yet using ProProfs Quiz Maker, be sure to sign up for one of the discounted plans available to educators.