Bring your Courses to Life with Amazing YouTube Videos

Amazing YouTube VideosProProfs makes it easy for you to add any YouTube video to an elearning course. You no longer have to copy/paste lengthy embed links or wait forever to upload HD quality videos to your course. Simply search for videos and add them to your course, all within ProProfs!

Fun fact: “Visual content in a course increases the completion rate increases by 93%”


How it works

  1. While creating a course, click on “Create a Page” button.

  2. Select change image, you will see a new pop up.  ProProfs Training Maker
  3. Click on the ‘Search tab’ and select the ‘Video’ option. Search for any video in the YouTube search box, watch the selected videos and add them to your course. Training Maker Youtube Videos

Tip* You can also watch these videos without going to YouTube in a new tab.

All within ProProfs!

Benefits of YouTube Search

  1. Save time: You no longer have to copy and paste lengthy embed links. It is easy to execute and saves a lot of time too!

  2. Add any YouTube video: Watch any YouTube video and select the best for your course. Best still, if you have your own YouTube channel, you can even select those and add them to your course.

  3. High completion rates: Visual courses have greater appeal and positively impact learner engagement. Due to this, creating more visual courses help in increasing completion rates by 93%.

  4. Improved performance of learners: Adding videos to a course improves learning and the ability to memorize and fully understand the subject. All this leads to overall improvement in the learner’s performance.

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