Create Surveys 10 Times Faster by Adding Instructors

With ProProfs Survey Software, you can create surveys 10 times faster with the help of instructors. Your team of instructors can create bulk surveys in a short time for you. You can also manage instructors under a single ProProfs account and allow them to share surveys for review with each other. A team of instructors working for you speeds up the process of creating surveys while ensuring that the quality standards are met with peer review.

What can an instructor do?

  • Create and edit surveys.
  • Share surveys with other instructors.
  • Edit shared surveys.

Tip* Instructors can also create their own team of instructors (second layer). It’s a pyramid like structure in which you control everything, but your instructors are also managers of their own teams.


Instructors can be added with easy and simple steps:

  1. Click on the “My Instructors” option at the top of your dashboard, after you have logged in. A new page will pop up. Then, click on “Add Instructors” button.

Add new Instructor

  1. Enter details of the new instructor and click on “Add Instructor”.  ffe566335dcaff45546ed0c8cddbb36e.gif

Tip* You can also add an existing ProProfs users as an instructor. Remember to ask for the “Private Code” from your would-be instructors.

How instructors help you?

  1. Get surveys created faster –  With a team of instructors, creating and sharing surveys with each other, at a click, you can get a lot of surveys created, reviewed and published in a short time.
  1. Work on one project from multiple locations – No halt in production as all instructors have access to their accounts from anywhere in the world.
  1. Peer review – Peer review between your instructors would help improve the quality of work and lower the burden on you.
  1. Faster review process – You can centrally access all the work of your instructors in your ProProfs account. It will help you review their work faster and more efficiently.
  1. Growth in business – Team collaboration and centralization of work leads to higher efficiency and production, which will drive up the growth chart of your company.