Allow Learners to Self Register to Your Courses or Quizzes

online registrationWe have recently introduced the self registration feature, which allows learners to log in and self-register to your online classroom. The feature allows instructors to automate a learner’s registry to a particular quiz, course or group.  

Allowing learners to self-register has multiple benefits, for enterprises which need to train a geographically dispersed workforce as well as for instructors in assigning online courses to their learners.

Benefits of self registration

Save time by automating registration

By automating the registration process, instructors save time and effort otherwise spent on uploading and updating the information of learners such as their name, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, ID etc. They also don’t have to create individual username and passwords for each and every learner, which is a daunting task especially when dealing with hundreds of learners.

Learners provide accurate & up to date information

Since learners, themselves upload their personal information, there is very little chance that the information is incorrect. Instead, the information is usually the most accurate as well as up to date as learners can quickly add any changes in their addresses, phone numbers or any other information, which would not be readily available to the instructor.

Learners remember self created passwords better

Creating usernames and passwords for hundreds of learners is not only a time consuming process but also one prone to errors. Allowing learners to create their own unique username and passwords help them to remember it better and also reduces errors on the instructor’s part arising out of password fatigue.

Read a help article to learn How to enable self registration for learners