Add Private Notes Using Hidden Fields in Your Survey

With ProProfs, you can hide certain questions from your respondents and use them to record notes and comments. You can create bank forms, online questionnaires, student enrollment surveys and more, which have hidden sections where you can add your comments or notes, once respondents are done taking the survey.

How it works?

While creating a surveyyou can:

  • Hide certain questions from respondents, keeping them visible to only you or other admin users.
  • Add private notes once respondents are done taking the survey

Hide questions from respondents

You can easily pick and choose which questions to hide while creating the survey. Let’s take the example of a student enrollment form, which has a total of 6 questions out of which 3 questions are hidden from respondents. These 3 questions can come under a section titled “For Office Use Only” as shown below. You can similarly create a survey and hide any number of questions you want from respondents.

Student Enrollment Form

Add private notes or responses

You can add comments and notes once respondents are done taking the survey. The questions which are hidden from your respondents are visible to you under survey reports. You can go to reports and then add responses as shown below.

Hidden Question in Survey

You can easily create a survey using ProProfs Survey Software such as the one above. Check out our help article to hide questions and add private notes to a survey or create a survey now.