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Create Math Quizzes With ProProfs

ProProfs quiz maker now has support for a math quizzes. Create math formulas, equations and symbols easily through our simple to use visual math editor. Video Transcript: Create a Math Quiz Highlights: Visual editor that allows easily adding math formulae without any training Supports a diverse catalogue of operators and expressions including Basic operations Matrix...
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Five Settings To Consider When Creating Practice Quizzes

Learners who prepare for exams using practice quizzes have a higher rate of success than those who simply read and study. Practice quizzes help students not only learn the material, but also gain the experience needed for taking a test. This can reduce anxiety and allow students to better focus on the content during an...
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Ten Ways to Customize End of Quiz

Instructors should consider not only the best content for a quiz, but also the most effective method of concluding a quiz in order to help improve the student learning experience. Whether it’s feedback or a chance to get the answers, there are a several options to consider when deciding how you want the quiz to...
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Six Things Teachers Must Know Before Conducting Online Assessments

Creating quality assessments is never easy. Whether using traditional or online testing, instructors must always consider the best options for assessing students. Administering assessments online requires different considerations than paper test administration. Using a little forethought can help you create effective online assessments with fewer frustrations. Teachers who make the choice to move from traditional...
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Manage Your Password Easily

We have updated our change password interface for ease of use. Our new interface is much simpler and lets you change your password at any time easily. Here is how it works: Step 1: Goto My Account Step 2: Click on “Change Password“ link. Step 3: Replace your old password with new passord. Step 4: Finally, click Save and...
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Explanation Label Now Translates to Over 50 Languages

We have received some requests to allow translating the explanation label to multiple languages. We have added this label to the many quiz maker labels that translate to the language you set for the quiz.  This field now translates to 52 languages. As always we welcome your suggestions and help in improving our translation. Related...
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Essential Ways to Prevent Cheating in Online Assessments

Online tests offer a number of benefits from saving time to saving money and are an integral part of many courses.  Despite the numerous benefits, teachers must face the fact that online tests are not immune from cheating. Students have always, and will always, attempt to cheat. With online tests the ways students find to cheat...
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6 Engaging Ways To Use ProProfs Quiz Maker In The Classroom

Course-based activities offer one way of ensuring the active participation of students. Using activities enables students to move more readily from receiving knowledge to generating knowledge. All learners benefit from doing, even during an assessment. Using ProProfs Quiz Maker in one of the following activities lets students be in charge of their own learning.  (1)...
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Our Responsive Customer Support Impresses a Business Customer

At ProProfs we strive hard to provide great service and support. It is gratifying for us to receive praise from our satisfied customers. We are pleased to share a tweet from one of our business users Justin Hunter. Thank you Justin for your support!    1076
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ProProfs Gets Recommended to NASA for iPad Quizzes

Just a thank you note from the ProProfs team to @KelleyRoy – inspirational speaker and performance artist for his tweet mentioning that he recommended ProProfs Quiz Maker to NASA when they asked for a tool for running quizzes on iPAD. Thank you Kelley!776
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