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ProProfs Gets Recommended to NASA for iPad Quizzes

Just a thank you note from the ProProfs team to @KelleyRoy – inspirational speaker and performance artist for his tweet mentioning that he recommended ProProfs Quiz Maker to NASA when they asked for a tool for running quizzes on iPAD. Thank you Kelley!1083
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Wired Educator reviews ProProfs quiz maker calling it “Ideal for Educators”

We’re proud to share a fantastic review of ProProfs Quiz Maker on Wired Educator. Here are some excerpts from the review published on their website: Review Title: “Create Awesome Online Tests & Quizzes with ProProfs” What Wired Educator wants you to know is the ProProfs is ideal for educators. It is the perfect solution for...
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What is a Pre-Employment Test?

Pre-employment tests tend to fall into the following categories. 1.) Aptitude Testing 2.) Attainment Testing 3.) Personality Testing 4.) Practical Exercises About Aptitude based Pre-Employment Tests Aptitude and ability based pre-employment tests are designed to assess a person’s logical reasoning or thinking performance. They tend to be composed of multiple choice questions and are administered...
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How pre-employment tests can make your business more effective?

Pre-employment tests offer many advantages to employers. They can help a business to quickly screen and choose the best person for a particular role. Possessing the most skilled people in every area of your business will make you business more effective and help to give your business competitive advantage. Pre-employment tests are a very specialist...
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Preventing Academic Dishonesty in Online Exams

Use the following list to discourage cheating when creating online exams. The more items you choose from the list, the more secure your tests will become. In order to gain the best insight on student achievement, educators must find ways to combat academic dishonesty. With the use of online exam tools, instructors have additional options...
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A user’s review on ease of use of ProProfs Quiz Maker

Matt Meyer, a Senior Instructional Designer for the Education Technology Services (ETS) group, in his blog “Meyer Learning” highlights the ease of use of quiz making tool: “It took me about 3 minutes from never hearing of ProProfs to creating a 2 question quiz that I then published and got the embed code for...
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