Kinetic Energy Quizzes

Kinetic energy is the energy of things in motion – from roller coasters shrieking around sharp corners at top speed, to an exhausted cyclist pedaling his bicycle up the steepest hill in town, to a baseball sailing over the back fence for a home run, and even toward chemical reactions and the movement of the planets in their orbits.

This part of physics helps to describe why objects in motion behave the way they do and how energy can be transferred from one body to another (think of the bat that sent that home-run ball flying out of sight, for example). Take our quiz to learn more about kinetic energy (if you can sit still long enough) and make sure to knock your next physics exam out of the park!

Sample Questions

  • The unit for kinetic energy is the ___
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  • Kinetic energy is energy of motion. What is an example of kinetic energy?

  • The temperature of a sample of water changes from 10C to 20C when the water absorbs 418 joules of heat.  What is the mass of the sample?
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  • All forms of energy can be classified as...

  • What is the total number of joules released when a 5.00-gram sample of water changes from liquid to solid at STP?
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  • The energy of an object resulting from motion is __________ energy.
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  • Potential energy is an object that has the potential to create energy. What is an example of potential energy?

  • How much heat energy must be absorbed to completely melt 35.0 grams of H2O(s) at STP?
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  • Which of the following would produce the greatest increase in the kinetic energy of a moving object?
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