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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Philanthropist...could be anyone, right? Well what about actor, dancer and performer? This lovely lady has been a judge on the X-Factor and starred in Camp Rock...give up? It's Demi Lovato! But how much do you know about her? What's her favorite color? How long did she go out with Joe Jonas? What was her first popular single?

Think you know it all? Then get ready to dive off the skyscraper that is this quiz! Don't go for too long, or you may need to give your heart a break so that you don't have a heart-attack! With questions about her lifestyle, friends and songs, there's something for you muso's, fashionistas and fans out are you ready? How excited are you? Can't you hold it in?!

Demi Lovato Questions

How well do you know this famous rockstar
How well do you know demi? take this quiz and find out!
Are you a lovatic?
Are you like demi lovato or are you some other person?
Think youre the ultimate demi lovato fan.... i dare you to take this quiz!
You think you know everything about demi? take this quiz to find out!
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Take this quiz to find out how well you know superstar demi lovato!!!!!!!!!
Do you think you are a true demi fan? take this quiz and find out! [ sorry this is kinda like my selena one.... ]
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