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Some people manifest an acute sense of color as early as 2 years old. Mixing food of different colors to obtain the nuance that they find intriguing is actually a very common behavior among these gifted little ones, no matter how gruesome do parents find the tiding up.

So, if you know the answers to questions like “What is additive color mixing, and how is it different from subtractive color mixing?”, “What does the Law of Simultaneous Color Contrast describe?”, “What are the tertiary colors?” and “If the hottest radiating bodies have a “cool” color, what do the less hot bodies radiate?” there’s a pretty good chance you were a little prodigy yourself.

Take our color theory quizzes to see how much you actually fit the artist profile, and how much of a color savvy you actually are! 

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Color Theory Questions and Answers

  • When eight bits of memory are dedicated to each pixel, how many potential colors could be displayed on each pixel?
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  • How many different colors are there in the browser-safe palette?
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  • Coping with browser-safe colorsTo accommodation people with 256 color displays, the Web Style Guide recommends a method for coping with browser-safe colors. It is:
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