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Adventures Time is a great television show. It is an animated show which was released in America. It was one which follows a character named Finn who is a human boy and has a best friend and brother in Jake, who is a dog that possesses magical powers enabling him to grow, shrink, and change his shape whenever he wants to.

This story features Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio as the voices of the two main characters. It was created by Pendleton Ward and fills the comedy, adventure, and fantasy genres. If you are a big fan of this television show then see what all you can recall about it by completing one of our many quizzes online today about Adventures Time and other shows. 

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Adventure Time Questions

  • What's you're favorite phrase?
    Adventure Time question from

  • Do you prefer indoors over outdoors?
    Adventure Time question from

  • Are you a:
    Adventure Time question from

  • What's cool to you:

  • Do you like playing outdoors?
    Adventure Time question from

  • O.k.the town's in a total rut.trees are trying to take IT do:

  • Do you like science?
    Adventure Time question from

  • Do you play an instrument?
    Adventure Time question from

  • They are serving frozen