The City of San Diego's Fire-Rescue Department encompasses all fire, emergency medical, lifeguards, and emergency management services. With services, such as 9-1-1 services, fire inspections, permits, and community education, we run 52 fire stations, 9 permanent lifeguard stations with 892 uniformed fire personnel and 246 civilian personnel. Our mission is to serve the community of San Diego by providing the highest level of emergency and rescue services, hazard prevention, and safety education, ensuring the protection of life, property, and the environment.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department


We were looking for a comprehensive quiz and training platform that would allow us to digitize our training for our new hire emergency dispatchers. We were also looking for a solution that offered online quiz taking, grading, feedback, and a question bank option. We also wanted a platform that was expandable for other members of our division for their initial entry training.


We were easily able to create a self-study course using ProProfs Training Maker that houses all our digital material, has embedded quizzes, and allows easy editing. We have also expanded our training offerings by completing two other online-only self-study courses through Training Maker.

We used ProProfs Quiz Maker to develop robust self-grading quizzes that were easy to edit. These were instrumental in our last in-person course and made it very quick to give feedback to our trainees.


Everyone who has taken the online course has enjoyed using the interface and likes having an online training and assessment option. We have also received a lot of positive feedback on the quizzes themselves, and people like getting immediate feedback.

Goes without saying, customer service has been excellent!

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