The Department of Health and Human Services is an agency of the state government. It provides important and, oftentimes, life-sustaining services to Nebraskans. The department has five divisions - Behavioral Health, Children and Family Services, Developmental Disabilities, Medicaid and Long-Term Care and Public Health.

Nebraska Department Of Health


The Nebraska Board of Physical Therapy wanted a mechanism to test the knowledge of licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in the State of Nebraska. They added the requirement of passing an open book exam to meet continuing competency requirements. There were over 2,200 licensees that needed to meet this requirement.


ProProfs Quiz Maker provided us a testing mechanism with which we could easily create and edit quizzes. ProProfs Quiz Maker has the ability of obtaining the test results in a timely manner, which is wonderful. The ability to link the reference information to the quiz helps students to look up information.


With excellent customer service, ProProfs Quiz Maker provided the necessary tool to make a testing mechanism in order meet the requirements that were needed. We have had over 600 tests successfully conducted through ProProfs Quiz Maker and continue to get more!

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