USC Internal Medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and diseases. The physicians of USC Internal Medicine specialize in the treatment of adults within general medicine, although they often have training in subspecialties such as infectious diseases.

They have a strong commitment to the most praiseworthy tradition of medicine, the patient-physician relationship. They provide their patients a full range of care- from general health services to the most complex and specialized treatments, all within a sensitive and compassionate environment.


As part of a research grant from the Celiac Disease Foundation, we needed to assess the internal medicine resident's knowledge of the disease at the beginning of the academic year and then assess that knowledge at the end of that year.


We started using the ProProfs Quiz Maker to create quizzes that helped us gather data on the first, second, and third-year medical residents’ knowledge of Celiac Disease in patients.


The quizzes were easy to administrate and the data gathered was extremely helpful in our study of Celiac Disease and resident medical education.

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