Scott Lynn is a pastor at the Family Apostolic Church in Northamptonshire, UK.


I have been teaching college-level coursework for years, but I wanted to use an exam system that was both challenging and effective, not just to test their knowledge, but to make studying for the exam to be part of their learning process.


I started using ProProfs at least 8 years ago. I would create a question bank for the final, but also make a practice exam available that would randomly choose maybe 40% of the questions, and I would even encourage the students to take the practice exam repeatedly before taking my final.

This allowed me to make a much harder final, and the practice exam allowed them to actually retain the information from my classes.

ProProfs has an excellent interface for creating multiple question types and for managing multiple exams. The reporting tools allow me to identify questions that have scored poorly and improve the exams in later courses. And the online notifications let me know when students have been practicing or taking my tests.


My students remember the critical facts from my classes a lot longer than they do in the other courses with traditional paper exams. They don't cram and forget, but instead, it is like an online game that reinforces classwork material.

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