Techzulu Reviews ProProfs as a Great Online Tool for All

TechzuluTech Zulu, an independent technology news company, recently gave a big thumbs up to ProProfs for becoming one of the biggest online tools available in the market, in a short span of time. The Tech Zulu review charts the growth of ProProfs from being a simple online quiz software to one which allows instructors, educational institutions and business organizations to create assessments, surveys, flashcards and polls, all in one place.


Tech Zulu most appreciates the fact that ProProfs provides powerfully simple tools and supports “an extensive options list for each tool to create a “delightful” atmosphere for customers.”

Our brand promise: simplicity, comprehensive & delight! 

                                                           – Sameer Bhatia (CEO, founder ProProfs)

 What Tech Zulu likes about ProProfs 

  • Simple and intuitive interface coupled with powerful technology such as HTML5
  • Can be used by anyone without having to learn codes or convert files
  • Knowledge database consisting of more than a million quizzes and thousands of courses
  • Instructors can create classes and tutorials based on individual performances
  • Affordable, flexible and upfront pricing
  • eCommerce set-up for buying and selling quizzes & courses
  • Excellent customer support and feedback forums
“Endless options makes ProProfs such a great tool, especially for large companies and universities.”
                                                                              –  Tech Zulu on ProProfs

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