Save Time by Tracking Activity Across all Your Surveys at a Click

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Have you ever wished that you could see all that’s been happening with your account at the single click of a button? ProProfs “Recent Activity Report” lets you do just that by helping you track activity across all of your surveys from one central location.

This consolidated report saves you tons of time as you can instantly view the details of all your survey-takers, at a glance. Additionally, the report shows you respondents email ids and IP addresses. You can also dig deeper and “view” the reports and stats of a particular survey in more detail. Furthermore, you can quickly download the report as an Excel sheet and share it with managers and other stakeholders.

1) Track what happened since your last login – Recent Activity report helps you track activity across all surveys in your account at the click of a button. You can track all activity by time to see what’s happened new in your account since your last login. You can also instantly sort the report by survey titles or respondents name, to get a holistic understanding of activity across your surveys, at a glance.

2) Instantly view all reports in one central place – The Recent Activity Report saves you tons of time and effort as you can centrally view the reports for all the surveys that you have created with ProProfs Survey Maker, instead of going to each survey to view its report. This centralized way of viewing reports also allows you to know at a glance the total number of respondents who took a particular survey and when they took it.

Track Survey by Title

3) Easily track respondents for all surveys – With a consolidated report, you can efficiently track the activity of survey respondents across all of your surveys. Along with their names, you can also view details such as when they took the survey, their email ids and even their IP addresses.

Track respondents by Their Name

4) Download to Excel and slice away – While you can get a condensed view of your survey reports in the Recent Activity page, you can also download the reports as an Excel sheet. You can then extract insights from this report by displaying the data as charts or graphs. This helps you to organize you survey report and customize your data before sharing it with managers and other stakeholders.

Download to Excel

Follow the steps below to learn how you can view “Recent Activity Reports” of your survey.

Step 1. Click on “Recent Activity”.

ProProfs Survey Maker

Step 2. Click on “View” to see the reports of surveys in more detail. Click on “Download” to view the report as an Excel sheet.

Detailed Survey Reports