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With ProProfs, you can supplement learning with downloadable handouts and worksheets. At times, learners might find it difficult to grasp certain topics in your course.

You can help them overcome this knowledge gap using downloadable handouts, at the end of a page or chapter, which quickly explains the key concepts that your course deals with. Similarly, you can attach worksheets which learners can download and study offline. Why handouts? Handouts can come in many shapes and sizes, serving different purposes. For instance, at the end of a chapter, you can attach a downloadable PDF, which summarizes the topic’s key points and terms. Similarly, you can attach a bunch of worksheets, as a zip file, which learners can download and work with in their free time. Or you might want to attach a suggested reading list, at the end of a chapter, to stimulate thought and debate among your learners.

Customer Service Training Course

Which file types are supported? You can attach existing training materials (videos, PPTs, Excel sheets, PDFs etc) to course pages and chapters and allow learners to download these attachments. You can attach the following types of files.

Videos – .flv, .mp3, .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .f4v, .m4v, .mov, .mpg and .wmv
PowerPoint Presentation – .ppt, .pptx
Word Document – .doc, .docx
Excel – .xls, .xlsx, etc.
Images – .gif, .png, .jpg
Zip files

Top Benefits Allow students to access course content offline Your learners will be able to download and access the worksheet and handouts offline. Since, they can learn from anywhere at any time, there is no break in learning. It also allows learners to self-pace their learning and study the handouts, at a time, when they are most receptive. Help learners understand complex topics easily From course outlines to graphs and formula cheat sheets, you can share helpful notes and explanatory handouts with your learners. Doing so, breaks down complex information into bite size pieces for your learners and makes it possible for them to quickly absorb certain abstract concepts in your course. Make your course more effective Use handouts to make learners aware about additional topics, which are outside the syllabus. This can become a thought stimulator for your learners, encouraging them to explore ideas beyond your course content. Use handouts and make your course much more comprehensive.

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