One quiz: Many Retakes

Online QuizIn school, when learning is a fun activity where teachers/educators encourage it through interactive and playful mediums such as songs, quizzes, colorful pictures, etc, children begin to look forward to this time.

Eventually, however, as subjects begin to grow harder, the sense of fun begins to lose its fizz and this can completely deter a learner from learning. But with new inventions in technology, interactive software can now help students sail through this easily.

Despite failing an online quiz, you can improve upon your mistakes by retaking the same using ProProfs “Try Again” feature. So, take heart – Try Again! Simply put, the “Try Again” feature launched by ProProfs, helps learners retake quizzes and study better if they are unsatisfied with their performance or unable to score the desired marks.

Take a look at the screen below to see how this can be done:

Quiz Score

Benefits of Retaking a Quiz:

Better Learning: The “Try Again” feature allows users repeat the test as often as they like, helping them identify their own mistakes and improve their learning. The feature also enables learners to acquire mastery over a subject.

Motivation: Allowing learners re-attempt the same quiz can play a huge role in boosting their confidence and encourages them to succeed. At times, students might be unable to get good grades due to personal issues or there may be learners who are slow or did not have adequate time to prepare for the test. Giving them another chance on such occasions can be a big boon!

“Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat, repetition is the father of learning.” Dwayne Michael Carter