Google interviews ProProfs on User Engagement – Q&A with Founder Sameer Bhatia

google hangoutProProfs founder Sameer Bhatia was recently at a Google AdSense Community Hangout to share insights on how ProProfs achieves high user engagement and satisfaction. He was joined by Anitra and Miles from the Google team who also shared best practices and tips in building awesome engaging websites for users.

At the Hangout, Sameer shared his experience on how ProProfs constantly strives to improves the website for its customers, by listening to them and tackling their pain points.


An excerpt from the interview:

Google: What engagement techniques has ProProfs used to connect with users?

Sameer: What we’ve seen works best is being relevant and offering quality to our users. For example, we ensure that a student looking for SAT or GRE practice tests on our site is shown relevant tests and not what’s popular with other students.  As for quality, we make sure that only the best content is shown to the student. So, for us relevance and quality has been the mantra behind successful site engagement.