Case Study: Canada’s leading Online Training Provider’s Interview – How to Create Awesome e-courses

The E-Learning QueenThe prominent e-learning blog “The E-Learning Queen”, which is rated among top 25 e-learning blogs, recently featured a case study of how UWINPro is using ProProfs. UWINPro is Canada’s leading IT online training provider, which has created numerous e-courses on topics such as SAP, UNIX, ERP and more for their clients.

In the case study, UWINPro talks about e-learning trends and how our products such as Training Maker, Quiz Maker, Survey Maker and Flashcards  have helped them to create awesome e-courses.


What UWINPro likes about PropProfs:

  • Reporting & Tracking: UWINPro uses our reporting and tracking feature to capture information such as the name, email, phone and other data of individual course takers and also check compliance issues and defaulters.
  • Embedding YouTube Videos & Web links: UWINPro says, “we import YouTube videos and other web content, through ProProfs platform, to enhance our training courses.”  They are highly impressed with the fact that the training courses can be easily embedded and added to the existing content on their website.
  • Quiz Maker Benefit: A prime benefit that UWINPro’s likes is that PropProfs Quiz Maker comes bundled with the Training Maker, which allows them to use the existing quizzes in Quiz Maker and quickly create assessments.
  • Mobile Compliance: UWINPro says, “with more and more learners using smartphones to access the training programs, all of our courses are accessible from any mobile device by leveraging the in built HTML5 conversion in ProProfs”.

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