Bulk Import Questions from Excel Spreadsheet to your Quiz

Bulk Import Questions from Excel

With ProProfs Quiz Maker, it is easy to upload any number of questions from an Excel file automatically to your ProProfs Quiz in few minutes. Entering questions in quizzes is no longer an extra effort. Questions can be prepared at your convenience anywhere and anytime in an Excel spreadsheet and later can be brought into your ProProfs Quiz with a single click.

Instead of typing every question to your quiz online, prepare questions with ease staying offline. The Excel file fields need to be filled in a particular format to automatically bulk import questions to your ProProfs Quiz.

Along with a new interface, where various question types and other required features can be accessed with a simple click, import questions feature has made quiz making as simple as never before. ProProfs makes quiz making simpler with the following features.

Benefits of bulk import:

  • Prepare questions off-line: Even when there is no web connectivity, questions can be prepared in an Excel file that can be added to the quiz easily.

  • Bulk import questions to your quiz: After creating questions in Excel, upload questions with just a single click. Doing so, will save a lot of time as opposed to entering the questions into the quiz one at a time.

  • Anyone can create questions: Anyone without a ProProfs account will also be able to create questions. This helps, when you think of multiple authors to write questions for the quiz.

  • Save time by importing existing database: This feature can save you a lot of time if you already have a large number of questions stored in a database or in another format. Simply export to Excel and import into your ProProfs Quiz with a single click. Once imported, questions can be edited, copied or moved to any of your quizzes easily.

Check how to bulk import questions from Excel file. ProProfs also supports importing questions from an existing ProProfs Quiz or any public quiz from ProProfs website.