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Eureka! Do you fancy yourself a great discoverer such as Albert Einstein who discovered the Photon, Robert Hooke who discovered cells in living things, or Bartholomew Dias who discovered Africa?

If so, become a great explorer and traverse our fascinating discovery trivia! Learn details about the great discoveries of our world in science, geography, and space and the men and women who made them!

If the Discovery channel is one of your favorites and you dream of exploring unknown lands just as Christopher Columbus did then put on your boots, grab your map and take our discovery quizzes! Answer questions such as, “When was America discovered?” and, “Who discovered gravity?” Start our discovery quizzes now. The world is your oyster – start discovering!

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Discovery Questions

  • At what temperature do you see mercury boil?

  • Finish this statement.  The kinetic molecular theory of ________.

  • How would you like people to interact with YOU on a team project?

  • At what temperature does methanol freeze?

  • What communication type do you prefer?

  • How good of a listener are you?

  • At what temperature does water boil?