Discovery Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • Where was Tollund Man discovered?

  • Your room is dirty.  How do you solve this problem?

  • Which English scientist described, from his observations of thin slices of cork, the box like structures he observed as 'cells'?

  • When was Tollund Man discovered?

  • Which Element do you best control?

  • What did Robert Brown, a Scottish botanist, called the cellular structure that he observed in each cell?

  • You have found a castle wherein lies an historical treasure, valuable both in the world of the Powers and to humans.  The castle is surrounded by endangered animals (both magical and non-magical)...

  • Who was the main archaeologist working on the site?

  • Rudolf Virchow extended the Cell Theory proposed by Schwann and Schleiden by stating 'New cells are produced from existing cells.

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