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Aqa Biology B1, Unit 1. 1-keeping Healthy

21 Questions  I  By Mruas08
Epidemiology Quizzes & Trivia

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1.  What affects your metabolic rate?
2.  What type of foods can increase cholesterol levels?
3.  There are two types of cholesterol. Why do you need 'good' cholesterol?
4.  A balanced diet includes...
5.  What are pathogens?
6.  What is the metabolic rate?
7.  What increases your metabolic rate?
8.  What happens if you have a lack of vitamins or minerals?
9.  If the diet is unbalanced, a person can become...?
10.  If the energy you take in equals the energy you use then your mass will
11.  How do bacteria or viruses make you feel ill?
12.  What causes infectious diseases?
13.  Who discovered that infection could be transferred?
14.  By excersising regularly, people can...
15.  What are needed to keep the body healthy?
16.  What are used by the body to release energy?
17.  Small members of the population inherit 'bad' cholesterol, what can it lead to?
18.  How can you reduce the the chance of diabetes?
19.  Name two ways pathogens are stopped from getting into the body?
20.  Long-term obesity can lead to
21.  Eating too much food can lead to becoming
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