“Love that we can add graphics & explanations to answers and the awesome support!”

Laure-Anne Visele

Director, OhMyDog, Wijndaelerweg 12, 2554BZ Den Haag


Oh My Dog! is a dog training and behavior center based out of Wijndaelerweg. They provide overall grooming and training services for canines including puppy onboarding, obedience, recall training, rescue-dog guidance, and more. Their plans have been categorized on the basis of different age groups.



As a knowledge-intensive company, we make our new team members jump through hoops before they get to proudly display their knowledge with different-colored badges. We have a dog behavior expertise center and our interns and instructors need to prove they master various aspects of the underlying theory in a structured learning environment.


So, we used the ProProfs Quiz Maker to create quizzes on different topics. We linked each badge to a quiz on a particular topic that we assign to our interns and instructors. Only once they have all the required badges are they allowed to fulfill a particular function.


We love that ProProfs allows us to use graphics, context help, additional explanations of the answers, and that it gives us such a wide choice of answer formats. We also love that we can easily share the links to each quiz with our team members. The support staff was amazing and managed to resolve what could have been mission-critical in no time.

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