Save time with Faster Loading Quizzes

Check page speedAt ProProfs, our constant endeavor has been to give you the best learning experience that we can. Recently, we have introduced a high-end technology which processes the web pages faster, thereby decreasing the response time. Now, when your learners take your quiz, they will not have to wait for the pages to load because our new technology loads the quiz questions really fast.

The Technology

AJAX, short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a combination of several technologies that allows a part or the full page to receive new data without refreshing the entire page. By using JavaScript, XML, and the XMLHttpRequest object, web pages become more interactive and provide functionality across smartphones, tablets and more, that until now had been reserved for their desktop counterparts. The result is that, with AJAX, our online quizzes are much more responsive and intuitive, even when accessed from all kinds of mobile devices.

In other words, with this new technology our site pages load twice as fast than an average website. You can now, not only create awesome quizzes but also save a lot of your as well as your learner’s time. All paid quizzes are now faster for learners with practically no time lost when learner goes from one question to the next.

Enjoy our new & faster Quiz Maker! To see how fast the questions really, try out our exam software now.