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Best Practices to Manage Cross Functional Teams

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” Steve JOBS This quote resonates well with cross-functional teamwork in an organization where employees from different departments or profiles work together to achieve a common goal.  According to 2019 Global Human Capital Trends, 31% of business leaders believe...
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Step-by-Step Guide for Quality Management in Project Management

In a rush to meet deadlines, quality is somehow sidelined. It’s the last thing on a team’s mind when deadlines are near, and tasks are pending.  What an irony – The most important thing is sometimes the most ignored in project management.  Quality is much more than merely a process.  It’s a mindset, a driver...
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Asana vs. Trello: Which Project Management Tool Should You Choose?

When it comes to project management, we have come a long way. From writing down a to-do list on a sheet of paper, we have evolved to using professional tools to manage and execute projects. PMI’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession report reveals that inefficiency can cost businesses a whopping $109 million for every $1...
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How to Track Your Project’s Progress

Imagine it’s a bright Monday morning, you have your cup of favorite coffee and everything is going perfectly. To your surprise, you get a call from your client asking about the status of the project.  After a lot of “umms and hmmms” … you finally admit that you have no update and need to go...
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The Adaptive Project Framework: Beginner’s Guide

Do you know that only 36% of projects meet the requirements? This brings us to the discussion that why do so many project managers fail to develop the accurate strategy to deliver projects? Change in an organization’s priority is the leading cause of failure in 39% of the cases. This is the reason why a...
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Process Improvement Plan: Everything You Need to Know

“But we’ve done it this way for years.” You’ve heard this often enough. Once businesses have implemented their systems, the idea of having a process improvement plan goes right out of the window. It is a powerful tool, no doubt, but grossly underused. Reasons for this under-utilization is multi-layered: Businesses do not have the time...
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Top 17 Workflow Management Softwares To Boost Efficiency

Spent way too much time on some tasks you thought would be quick to do? You are not alone and this happens to most of us. It is mainly because of the lack of a structured approach. Workflow management is not easy at all and that is why the market of workflow management software is...
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13 Best Gantt Chart Tools to Grow Your Business

Planning, organizing, and delivering projects is a tedious task. If not done right, it can severely impact your organization’s growth and bottom-line.  PwC study shows that while 97% of organizations believe in the use of a project management software for business success, only 44% of managers use a robust project management software for their projects....
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19 Expert Hacks for Jumpstarting Your Personal Productivity

No matter what type of job you have, productivity is essential to your success. Accomplishing more work in less time helps you stay on top of things throughout the day and makes you more likely to earn more. However, staying productive is often easier said than done. You may set out to have a genuinely...
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How to Manage Multiple Projects at Work

Managing multiple projects at the workplace can feel like a long trek over a steep mountain.  You encounter obstacles at every stretch; there is an eagerness to reach the peak of project completion faster and your brain muscles pant and crave for breath, trying to balance multiple tasks. At times, you feel overwhelmed with the...
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