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Kanban Project Management Everything you Need to Know

Have you faced difficulties in presenting your project visually to your team? Understand that you’re not alone. A lot of managers and project ideation teams face the same challenge. As a result, 37% of projects fail due to lack of defined project objectives and milestones visually. That’s why your vision of the project needs to...
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6 Best Apps to Keep Your Team to Stay Focused and Block Distractions

We are witnessing a transformation in work culture like never before. Who would have thought at the onset of 2020 that most of us would have to work from home for an indefinite period?  With the onset of COVID-19, workplaces are embracing remote work options more than ever before. Remote workforce size is continuously registering...
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Lead Your Small Business to Success with Effective Project Management

When you started your small scale business, did you feel that you were stepping into the unknown?  All business owners feel the same – nervous yet excited for what the future holds. There are high hopes to see the small business blossom into a successful, revenue-generating enterprise.  But only a few are able to hit...
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How to Identify Early Warning Signs of Project Failure

Imagine this: You’ve recently started working on a marketing project and you’ve got that bigshot client with a big budget. Now, you want the best people working on it. You ask your already busy team members to help you out with this one. But as they start working on this marketing project dedicatedly, you notice...
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Project Management Checklist | A Key to Success

Making projects successful is the key to success for all business owners. And it is imperative to complete projects according to SLAs to build strong brand value in the market. Usually, project management gets more stringent during the execution stage, because you are just one mistake away, and things start slipping from your hands like...
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Consider These 5 Effective Tips for Managing Creative Teams

Managing creative teams has always been a tricky job because you need to give your team freedom to try new ideas and take risks, while at the same time, pushing them is also important to get the job done on time and within scope. In short, it’s a constant balancing act. However, many companies put...
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Managing Project Expectations: How to Do It Right

Has it ever happened to you that even after working on a project with all your might, all you receive in the end is – client disappointment?  This can be disheartening, especially when the final output is high quality and within the anticipated time and budget.  A situation like this can seem out of the...
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10 Key Project Management Skills Every PM Needs

Irrespective of how much experience you have, project management always tests your limits with difficult challenges, such as team conflicts, tight budget, or short delivery windows. Even with this, project managers are expected to overcome such challenges and retain complete control over the quality of project development.  Would you be surprised to find out that...
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SWOT Analysis | A Way to Boost Project Success Rate

‘Did you know only 2.5% of companies manage to complete 100 percent of their projects?’ Yes, for business owners, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. The reason behind such a poor project success rate could be anything like a lack of resources, unidentified risks, tight budget, unrealistic delivery dates, and so on.  To avoid the...
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10 Task Management Tips for Higher Productivity

Is the never-ending list of tasks driving you crazy? Do you find it difficult to manage your daily tasks? If yes, there is a high possibility that you have a huge backlog of tasks that are pending for a long time. Add to them your current tasks, and you have a big fat list ready. ...
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