ProProfs Awards & Celebrations 2014

Keeping the tradition alive at ProProfs, our CEO Sameer Bhatia, took us out for an annual outing on a beautiful Saturday to Surjivan resort near Manesar, Gurgaon. And boy, it was a day filled with excitement, celebrations and honors! The whole team spent the day bonding with each other over tasty food, awesome adventure activities and friendly conversations.

Presenting a glimpse of what happened:

The day took off with the highly anticipated Award Ceremony which saw our star performers being granted a fabulous trophy as a token of appreciation for their hard work and effort all through the year.

Our top performers for this year were:
Pallavi Chatterjee

  • Awarded for: Customer Appreciation Award

Nitin Jaiswal

  • Awarded for: Star Performer of the Year

Mukesh Kumar

  • Awarded for: Star Performer of the Year

After the Award Ceremony, it was time to party!

There was a lot of adventure for everyone!


We all relished the great spread!

 Overall, it was a very memorable and enjoyable day for us at ProProfs.