Create Math Quizzes With ProProfs

ProProfs quiz maker now has support for a math quizzes. Create math formulas, equations and symbols easily through our simple to use visual math editor.

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  • Visual editor that allows easily adding math formulae without any training
  • Supports a diverse catalogue of operators and expressions including
    • Basic operations
    • Matrix calculus
    • Calculus and series
    • Logic and set theory
    • Units
    • Greek alphabet
  • Cross browser compliant as all formulas are displayed as an image.
  • No add on required for viewing by quiz takers as  all symbols are converted to images.
  • Expressions are stored in standard MathML and editable at any time.
  • Add math to a question, or answer options or explanations
  • Compatible with all our quiz maker features including:
    • Automatic grading to save time
    • Timed Exams
    • Question pooling & shuffling
    • Scoring options, Security & Customization
  • Supported even with our forever FREE edition


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