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This isn’t necessarily about selling cookies door-to-door. Our scouting quiz is more about the great outdoors, reconnaissance and surviving a night out in the woods. Get your compass and backpack ready because we’re setting off on a mystic journey.

What country did scouting originate from? What are the two largest umbrella organizations for scouting? What is the scout method? What age group do boy scouts fit into? How many registered scouts are there in the world, according to a 2010 statistic? When was scouting introduced in the United States? What Indiana Jones movie featured a reference to boy scouts? Intriguing, isn’t it? Follow the trail, finish them all and you’ll get your member badge in no time! Good luck, scout!

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  • Check all that are true about 35

  • IT crossover, what is the order of the cuts?
    Scouting question from

  • the point guards first dribble in NBA should be...
    Scouting question from

  • Their point guard loves to go right

  • They switch screens

  • Webelos is the plural of Webelo
    Scouting question from

  • In T-game, which off these occur? (Might be more than 1)
    Scouting question from

  • You may only wear the current uniform used by your division of Scouting.
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  • Filing a Tour Permit assures that you will be covered by BSA insurance.
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