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Managerial Accounting Quizzes & Trivia
You need to take some serious decisions right now. You have to prepare the budget for your company, to understand how costs behave and to plan for profits. Do you know who can help you? Managerial Accountants. They help managers and other decision-makers understand how their companies make money and how to plan for profits and growth. Do you think you can answer a couple of basic questions about managerial accounting?

Let’s just see a few of the questions you will encounter: what is the primary purpose of accounting? What is a balance sheet? What is the main purpose of the internal control structure? Can be a chief financial officer considered an internal user? Wait no longer and test your managerial accounting knowledge with our next trivia!

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Managerial Accounting Questions

  • Managerial accounting is designed for use by:
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  • The goal of managerial accounting is to provide the information that managers need for all of the following EXCEPT:
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  • Which of the following are associated with Planning?
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