What Is Quiz Maker & Vertical Response Integration?

ProProfs Quiz Maker and Vertical Response integration makes it effortless for you to generate leads. Create fun and engaging quizzes, make them go viral on social media and expand your brand reach. Add quiz responses to determine which mailing list your leads get added to. This lead segregation helps you personalize emails to your subscribers. The best part is - ProProfs supports single sign-on, meaning that your logged-in website users would get signed into Quiz Maker automatically. Simpler and securer.

Take a look at the features and benefits of connecting Quiz Maker with VerticalResponse:

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Quiz Maker

  • Segregate Subscribers

    Automatically segment the leads captured with lead quizzes into different mailing lists based on their quiz outcomes. Segmenting leads to different lists helps in sending out personalized follow-ups. Personalized emails get better clicks, which in turn raises the opportunity for you to turn the lead into a customer.

  • Easy to Create a Quiz

    With ProProfs Quiz Maker software, it is easier to create delightful quizzes that people love to take. Owing to its super simple interface and easy-to-understand features, any person with any level of skill can create a quiz on ProProfs. Choose from 1,00,000+ templates or create your quiz from scratch. Customize the lead capture form and use it to pull leads.

  • 100,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions

    ProProfs question bank makes it super easy for you to create a quiz. With the world’s largest library with 1,00,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of different topics, you can create a quiz within minutes. You can also import questions from your existing quizzes too.

  • 100+ Themes - Design Beautiful Quizzes

    Create beautiful quizzes using professionally designed quiz themes. You can even customize these themes, add your company logo, change background images, change fonts, and much more. Make your quizzes interactive and fun by adding images, presentations, and videos.

  • Works Great on All Devices

    The quizzes you create with ProProfs perfectly fit on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So, your quiz takers can access the quiz while on the go. Quiz anytime, anywhere.

  • Delightful Reports & Analytics

    With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you get access to the advanced reports & analytics. With these reports, you can view details like, who took your quiz, the total scores, the total time spent on each question, and more. These reports help you analyze stats like question difficulty level that help you understand your learners’ learning capabilities. Build useful insights based on the reports and analytics.

  • Add Your Branding to Quizzes

    White label your quizzes with customizable themes, add your logo, and give your quiz a personality that resonates with your brand. Choose from 100+ themes and background images. You can even add a customized completion certificate to your quizzes that’ll be automatically issued to your quiz takers once they complete the quiz.

  • Personalize Email Campaigns

    Segregate leads and send personalized follow-up emails to your contacts based on the responses received. Quiz integration with your email marketing tool offers a fun and engaging way to generate new leads. Create quizzes that go viral - use ready-made templates from our library to quickly start generating leads. Automate lead capture and push to your Vertical Response subscribers lists.

Integration is easy. Just visit the guide link and follow the step-by-step instructions to put this integration in place.

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