What Is Campaign Monitor & Quiz Maker Integration?

ProProfs Quiz Maker integration with Campaign Monitor helps you grow your subscriber base faster with lead quizzes.

ProProfs quizzes provide a built-in lead capture form that helps capture quiz-takers info and segment it into different mailing lists automatically.

For example, the name, email id, and other information filled in by the quiz taker get saved automatically in your Campaign Monitor contact database based on responses they select as answers in the quiz.

You can easily track quiz-takers responses and simultaneously shape up your marketing campaigns.

Take a look at the features and benefits of Campaign Monitor Quiz Maker Integration.

Features & Benefits of Campaign Monitor & Quiz Maker Integration

  • Lead Forms - Capture Quality Leads

    Use customizable lead forms to capture quiz takers' info and add to different mailing lists. The customizable lead forms make it easier to capture the info you want. Place this form before revealing the results so that you get a maximum opt-in rate.

  • 100+ Templates - Build Lead Quizzes Easily

    Easily create online quizzes using our professionally designed quiz templates. With its library of over 100 quiz templates, ProProfs has made it super easy for you to build a quiz in minutes. Easily create a scored quiz using any of the scored quiz templates or build a fun personality quiz using a personality quiz template. Preview the templates, and edit right away to create your quiz.

  • 1,00,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions

    The hardest part of creating a quiz is to think of questions. Use our library of ready-to-use questions to import questions in your quiz directly. With ProProfs question bank organized into thousands of topics, anybody can easily create a quiz in 5 minutes.

  • 100+ Themes - Brand Quizzes Your Way

    Add a touch of your own branding to your quizzes. Choose from 100+ of our professionally designed themes. Add your own logo, white-label your quiz, use colors that resonate with your brand, change background images, and fonts that resonate with your brand. What’s more, you can even issue customized completion certificates to your quiz takers.

  • Delightful Reports & Analytics

    Measure results with advanced reports & analytics anytime, anywhere. View details like who took your quiz, individual scores, the total scores, the total time spent on each question, and more. These reports are auto-generated and help you analyze stats like question difficulty level of your quiz.

  • Works Great on All Devices

    Build quizzes that perfectly fit the screen size of devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Let your quiz takers have the comfort of taking the quiz from wherever they are. Quiz anytime, anywhere.

  • Personalized Results

    With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can create personalized results for all types of quiz outcomes. Quizzes get shared more when the results are positive and tell the quiz-takers something interesting and surprisingly nice about themselves. The more your quiz gets shared, the greater are your chances of getting qualified leads.

  • Automate Marketing

    Auto-send email marketing campaigns to contacts in different mailing lists. When leads captured with quizzes get organized in different mailing lists based on responses, you can automate your personalized email marketing campaigns for each list accordingly.

Integration is easy and quick. Check our integration guide for step-by-step instructions.

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