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Types of Personality Quizzes

  • Employee Assessment
  • HR or Pre-employment tests cover a range of observations such as basic intelligence, skills and other multifaceted areas that help to determine a person's basic personality and attitude

  • Jung Personality Test
  • These personality quizzes use Carl Jung's system of personality types which were devised by the Swiss psychiatrist in 1921 and extended upon by Isabella Myers-Briggs.

  • Fun Personality Quiz
  • Creating engaging personality quizzes such as Which superhero are you? can be a fun way to learn and interact with friends and family.

  • Leadership Personality Quiz
  • Leadership personality quizzes help to explore the leadership styles of employees,their value systems, psychology and motivations.

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    Benefits of Personality Quizzes

  • Understand Employee Traits
  • Personality tests help to understand "hidden traits" of potential candidates resulting in hiring suitable resources for the job.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Using personality quizzes can help companies know their customers better. Know their requirements and create better products accordingly.

  • Prevent Employee Conflicts
  • Employee conflicts create an unhealthy work environment and even lead to lawsuits against the company. With personality tests, this can be avoided completely.

  • Reduce Turnover Rates
  • HRs can use personality tests to perform behavioral analysis of potential job candidates to determine traits such as their reliability, accountability and retainability.


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    Uses of Personality Quizzes

    With online personality tests, employers can easily gauge if the candidate is the right fit for the job or not.
    Personality tests are are great tool to bring team members together and build more productive teams.
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