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What is the top knowledge management software for small businesses?

Asked by Brayn Wills, Last updated: Jan 15, 2020

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Answered Jan 10, 2020

Naming one tool as the top knowledge management software wouldn’t be correct, because there is a high possibility that you need some specific features as per your business requirements.

As far as small businesses are concerned, budget is the factor that matters most, and there is nothing wrong with that, as controlling the money flow is the first and foremost objective while operating a company. At this juncture, I would like to suggest ProProfs Knowledge Base as it is a budget-friendly tool that offers an array of astounding features.

Keep one thing in mind that the reliability of knowledge management software shouldn’t be overlooked in the name of capital saving. It is because the knowledge base is all about compiling, organizing, and storing pertinent information so that both customers and employees can access it in the hour of need.

Features that must be on your checklist are:

  • Powerful text editor

  • Custom branding

  • Roles and permissions

  • Conditional content

  • Powerful search system

  • Multiple language support

  • Insightful reports to measure performance

Regardless of your choice regarding knowledge management software, make sure that no classified information gets compromised over the internet. Otherwise, your business will confront unnecessary problems in the future. Simply put, look for such a feature that lets you keep the desired information private.


T. Moses

A professional writer in a well-reputed company.

T. Moses, Copywriter, MA in English, California

Answered Dec 03, 2019

Knowledge management is not just popular among large businesses. Even small firms have started realizing its potential and the benefits it can provide them. While the concept has existed for many years, its widespread adoption is fairly recent i.e., since the time businesses started exploring the online marketplace.

Despite a relatively small employee strength and a customer-base that’s in the growth phase, small businesses need knowledge management for five major reasons:

  • Streamlining business processes
  • Cater to customers and employees in a better way
  • Make customers and support staff self-reliant
  • Facilitate easy access to knowledge
  • Foster a collaborative and knowledge sharing culture

All of this is possible only with the right knowledge management tool. If you are a small business and looking for suitable software, my advice would be you try the best knowledge management software offered by ProProfs.

It’s a cloud-based software that allows you to author content, manage it collaboratively, and publish it instantly.

Watch this video for more details:ProProfs Knowledge Base Software Overview

Here are the four major benefits of knowledge management software:

Easy Authoring, Review & Publishing - Its online document editor allows you to write and edit content with ease. You can also upload existing PDF files, word docs as well as PPTs to your document. Besides, the editor allows you to add images, videos, and infographics to your content.

Coming to the review part, the software helps you set workflows wherein you keep track of articles right from the time they are written and reviewed until they finally get published. You can set the status for your articles and make sure that they are reviewed well before publishing.

Seamless User Management - The software’s member manager feature helps you add or delete users easily. You can also make users inactive. This is possible both for individuals and groups. Once you have added them, you can assign them roles such as administrator, editor, contributor, and viewer, and define their permissions. This helps your workforce in managing content collaboratively.

Capture Feedback & Make Improvements - With the insightful reports offered by this knowledge management tool, you get to know how your knowledge base is performing. Performance metrics like the number of articles read, total searches made, failed searches, broken links, etc., give you a complete view of what’s going wrong and what’s working well. This information can be extremely helpful in bridging the knowledge gap by adding new articles or making improvements in the existing content.

Customization - You can use a template of your choice or craft a knowledge base from scratch with CSS. Also, you get to choose from over 600 fonts, a variety of themes, colors, and designs. Use the appropriate ones that blend well with your brand and customize your knowledge base the way you want.

Want to know more? Check out its free 15-day trial version. Sign up now.


I. Klose

I. Klose, Accountant, Franklin

Answered Jan 15, 2020

As the owner of a small business, I believe that it is extremely essential to opt for a knowledge management software to document all the essential processes of the company in one place.

And while we were searching for one, it turned out to be a tedious task that took almost a month to settle for one. But in the end, we knew that we made the right choice by getting ProProfs Knowledge Base onboard.

The knowledge management system is way easier than we imagined. We were under the impression that we’ll require some coding knowledge to work along with the software. But the tool definitely put us at ease when we started working with it.

Plus, collaborating with the team members is simple and seamless. All I had to do was edit the roles and permissions settings in the tool. This way people who got permission to update the existing or new documents were the only ones who could edit them. What’s more, we could avoid overwriting and still create engaging documents.

And that’s just the beginning. With the use of the tool, we can also figure out which search terms were used more and based on that we easily get to create process documents for our employees.

The reports of the tool also indicate which help articles are performing well and which aren’t. Based on that, we work towards improving the existing article’s quality, thus making the learning process for our employees more seamless.

I hope my suggestion helps you out too!




Answered Jan 10, 2020

Knowledge management is usually thought of as something only required by large organizations. But, trust me, even small firms need it to -

  • Manage knowledge efficiently

  • Make business processes smooth and seamless

  • Facilitate instant and effortless knowledge access

  • Enhance workforce collaboration and productivity

Having started a small e-commerce firm only recently, I can say this with surety the way you manage your business information can bring a vast difference in how your company functions, and by that extension, how fast it grows.

After multiple rounds of research and asking a few friends of mine regarding how I can streamline the e-tail business I have just started, I got numerous suggestions. But, after working with the trial versions of a few tools, I decided to go for ProProfs Knowledge Base Software, simply because, the tool -

  • Is easy to use

  • Offers compelling content authoring, management, and publishing features

  • Integrates beautifully with popular tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Wufoo, and more.

  • Teams well with the G-suite that includes Google Analytics, Google Translate, and Google Fonts

  • Helps in bringing your entire team together for knowledge creation and management

  • Helps you cater to an audience that’s spread across the globe

  • Enables you to tailor your content according to your brand

  • Works well with various browsers and devices, so your readers can access content from anywhere they are

Thanks to a variety of features offered by this tool, I could easily:

  • Bring a large amount of data on one single platform

  • Upload images, videos, infographics, right into the document

  • Import existing PDF, word docs, as well as PPTs to make content creation easier

  • Set a status for articles, to streamline the publishing process

We have a small team of employees who are working to establish my e-commerce firm. They are delighted to use this tool as it has simplified their work to a great extent.

You can get to know more about this tool here.

Hope this helps.




Answered Jan 10, 2020

If you are in a search of a powerful and reliable knowledge management system that helps you to run your small organization smoothly and reach long term goals, look no further than ProProfs Knowledge Base software.

When you start searching for the right kind of software, you’ll eventually feel confused amongst dozens of options. This particular software will meet your requirements in the best way. It gives co-workers the ability to collaborate, share knowledge and increase learning.

Any new piece of technology or software with complex functionalities may feel overwhelming or intimidating. Knowledge Base software is easy to use. It can be used to make Wikis, FAQs, and manuals.

Employees can easily get accustomed to its functionalities. To learn its advanced features, they do not require any training or assistance. As a result, productivity is dramatically increased.

Some of the interesting features are:

  • MS Word-like Editor

  • Workflows

  • Roles and permissions

  • Powerful Google-like search

  • 90+ language support

  • Integration with popular tools

With incredible customization options, this tool gives you complete control over how your knowledge platform looks like. You can change colors, logos, fonts or the complete layout to enhance the visual appeal of the content. Since your aim is to manage knowledge, you can allot different roles such as editor, contributor, viewer, and administrator to specific groups or individuals. This will ensure that all your employees come together with combined synergy to create and manage knowledge.

A large number of employees today are working in non-traditional ways like from home or any other remote location of their choice. Moreover, employees travel to different locations to have meetings. This Knowledge management software is supported by all operating systems. It can be accessed from any device of your choice like smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

To know more about this product, visit the link.


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