What Makes a Knowledge Management Software Tool the Best?

Look for a knowledge management tool that is simple to use, offers every feature you need to succeed along with smart settings and useful integrations. A good tool integrates seamlessly with third-party apps, provides a variety of customization options, and, most importantly, helps you create a knowledge base for both customers and employees effortlessly. See if it offers a Google-like search mechanism that empowers readers to find answers to their questions instantly, anytime, and from any device.

Knowledge, when managed effectively, works wonders for businesses. It helps in attracting and retaining customers, streamlining processes, enhancing employee productivity, team collaboration, and so on.

To be able to achieve this, you need a robust knowledge management tool, and with a slew of options available online, making a choice becomes all the more difficult.

To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best knowledge base software for 2021.

The table below comprises the major features of the best knowledge management tools, which are explained along with their pricing, right after the table.

Top 20 Knowledge Management Software and Their Key Features:

Best Knowledge Management Software
Key Features
  • Ready-to-use, professionally built templates
  • Add images & videos to your knowledge base
  • Define roles, permissions & improve collaboration
  • Add your company branding & colors
  • Get delightful reports & analytics
  • 100+ settings & integrations

Get Started Free(Pricing starts at $0)

  • Save multiple versions of your knowledge base
  • Work collaboratively to write and review articles
  • Get suitable article suggestions as you start typing
  • Seamless search experience
  • Share information in multiple formats
  • Identify improvement areas with feedback loops
  • Lightening-fast search
  • Centralized knowledge management
  • Reduce knowledge loss
  • Write and edit content easily with WYSIWYG editor
  • Create levels & hierarchies to stay organized
  • Create rules to determine access levels
  • Organize information into sections & subsections
  • Write, edit, and delete articles easily
  • Add images, & videos to your knowledge base
  • Control which articles are displayed to readers
  • Add images, videos, CTA etc to knowledge base
  • Brand your knowledge base the way you want
  • Edit knowledge base articles with WYSIWYG editor
  • Create categories & sections to structure your content
  • Optimize your content for search engines
  • Make your knowledge base SEO-ready
  • Create multi-brand help centers
  • Customize your self-service portal with HTML & CSS
  • Build content & upload multimedia
  • Import Google Docs directly to your knowledge base
  • Control who can access your knowledge base
  • Ready-made templates to create a knowledge base
  • Help your teams navigate smoothly
  • Group relevant pages & provide easy access
  • Write and edit with smart knowledge editor
  • Identify improvement areas in your knowledge base
  • Provide readers with a smooth search experience
  • Create and edit content easily
  • Make your content responsive for multiple devices
  • Identify improvement areas and make relevant changes
  • Create content in any language
  • Keep your knowledge base private or public
  • Control who can or cannot access your knowledge base
  • Create an SEO-friendly knowledge base
  • Cater to a global audience
  • Create and manage content for multiple products
  • Auto-create pages with its ready-to-use templates
  • Index your knowledge base content
  • Set permissions and access to your content
  • Feed your library with relevant information
  • Monitor knowledge base performance
  • Customize your knowledge base the way you want
  • Uninterrupted search experience
  • Powerful and easy editing options
  • Identify what users are searching for
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Customize knowledge base content with CSS
  • Provide relevant information to readers
  • Create custom workflows to ensure content accuracy
  • Track and analyze user feedback

Let’s now look at the individual features and pricing of these knowledge management tools in detail.

1.ProProfs Knowledge Base Software

ProProfs Knowledge Base Software

ProProfs knowledge base software provides an end-to-end solution to all your knowledge management needs. Backed by powerful technology and loaded with compelling features, the software helps you create a self-help knowledge base for your customers as well as employees.

Its powerful search system, authoring, publishing and customization options, user management, and collaboration features work together to give you an exceptional experience. Besides teaming well with third-party tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Wufoo, and more, the tool works smoothly with ProProfs Chat and Helpdesk.

Trusted by a large number of businesses globally, the software caters to various industries such as Technology, Logistics, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and more. Acer, Duracell, Adobe, Nissan, and Hoopla, are some of the popular brands that use ProProfs Knowledge Base software to achieve their organizational goals.

The tool equips you with everything you need to reduce customer support tickets, increasing collaboration at the workplace, and inducting new employees into your organization.


✓   WYSIWYG Editor

Write, edit, and upload files easily with MS Word-like editor. Add images and videos easily to your knowledge base.

✓   Professionally Designed Templates

A wide range of beautiful templates to help you get started.

✓   Anytime, Anywhere Access

View and access knowledge base on laptops, tablets, or smartphones 24/7.

✓   Branding & Customization

Add your brand name and logo easily to your knowledge base. Pick from your favorite fonts, colors, and themes to match your brand.

✓   Insightful Reports

Get actionable insights into the performance of your knowledge base.

✓   Intelligent Search

Google-like search mechanism for a seamless search experience

✓   Security Controls

Keep your knowledge base secure with password & privacy controls.

✓   Roles & Permissions

Assign roles and set permissions for different users. Grant or revoke access anytime you want.

✓   90+ Languages Supported

Cater to your global audience by creating documentation in multiple languages.

✓   Conditional Content

Set rules and conditions to hide or display content. Save these rule sets to use across multiple sites.

✓   Vault

Deleted an article or page by mistake? Vault helps you recover deleted content easily so that no important information is lost.

✓   100+ Settings & Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with third-party tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Wufoo, and Google Analytics along with its sibling tools such as ProProfs Chat and Help Desk. 100+ settings to configure the tool the way you want.

Pricing starts at $0:

(forever free plan)

Why Use ProProfs Knowledge Base Software?

Easy to Use

The software is carefully designed to ensure that people of all skill levels can use it. No hassles of software download or installation. No HTML skills required.


You can customize the platform to match your branding. CSS helps you create a knowledge base the way you want. Choose from over 600 fonts, themes, designs, and color schemes to customize your knowledge base.

Robust Reporting

Insightful reports provide you a comprehensive view of how your knowledge base is performing. Get actionable insights into the number of searches performed, articles read, popular and poorly rated articles, and much more.

24/7 support

Whenever and wherever you get stuck, you always have our back. Aside from the self-service support, you can also get in touch directly to clear your queries.

Powerful integrations

ProProfs Knowledge Base software integrates beautifully with third-party tools like Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Freshdesk, and more. It also teams well with in-house products such as ProProfs Chat and Help Desk.

Trusted by Global Brands

The software is used by some of the popular brands across the globe to address their concerns, both relating to customers and employees.

2. Document360

Document360 knowledge base software

Document360 is one of the fastest-growing knowledge base software on the market. Focused on innovation, it continually strives to make your experience nothing short of perfect. It comprises smart features that help you create a stunning self-service knowledge base in no time. With its 360-degree knowledge management solution, it makes your experience even more exceptional.


✓   Versions

Save multiple versions of pages and track the changes made to the document.

✓   Advanced Search

Get suitable article suggestions as you start typing a query.

✓   Discussion Platform

Work collaboratively to write and review articles.

✓   Category Manager

Adopt a hierarchy-based structure to manage your knowledge base effectively.

Pricing starts at:



Bloomfire knowledge base software

Powerful, versatile, and result-oriented, Bloomfire is a top-notch knowledge management tool that helps you bring all your business knowledge together under one platform.

Having gained the trust of the top global brands, Bloomfire has become a household name in the business ecosystem. It offers an AI-powered solution that further contributes to delivering you a stellar experience.


✓   Deep Search

AI-powered search engine indexes content, providing you with the right help at the right time.

✓   Rich Publishing

Share information in a combination of texts, charts, videos, images, and audios.

✓   Feedback Loops

Identify gaps, spot areas of improvement, and much more to improve your knowledge base content.

Pricing starts at:



Flowlu collaborative knowledge management solution

Flowlu's knowledge base software is designed to provide you a collaborative knowledge management solution that takes your business on a positive growth trajectory. Rich in features and backed by powerful technology, this knowledge base software helps you build a knowledge base for teams of varying sizes.


✓   Centralized

Create and manage content at a central location.

✓   Knowledge Transfer

Capture knowledge from employees who are about to leave and reduce knowledge loss.

✓   Powerful Search

Enable your teams to find information instantly.

Pricing starts at:



Knowledge Base Software by KnowledgeOwl

KnowledgeOwl is a known name in the industry. Its knowledge base software allows you to build a 100% customizable knowledge base.

Whatever your requirement is - internal knowledge base, self-service help site, FAQs & external knowledge base or software documentation - KnowledgeOwl has it sorted for you. With its world-class support and professionalism that runs in its veins, KnowledgeOwl is the perfect solution for all your knowledge management needs.


✓   WYSIWYG Editor

Write and edit content easily with the help of this tool.

✓   Auto-Save

Save content automatically and recover it anytime you want.

✓   Restrict to Groups

Set restrictions and control which group can access your articles.

✓   Levels and Hierarchy

Create levels and hierarchies to keep your content organized.

Pricing starts at:



Bitrix24 knowledge management system

Bitrix24 is one of the top knowledge base software that is used by organizations across the globe. Building a full-fledged knowledge base is a breeze with this software. Its features and functions are commendable as they help you manage your business knowledge and make the most out of it. It is available in the cloud as well as on-premise.


✓   Editor

Write, edit, and delete articles easily.

✓   Structure

Organize information into sections and subsections.

✓   Multimedia

Add images, and videos easily to your knowledge base.

Pricing starts at:



Intercom knowledge base software

Intercom is carefully-designed to provide you an unparalleled support experience. It's built to improve your customer support by making your team efficient, proactive, and always ready with accurate answers to customer questions.

The tool helps you cater to a global audience and provide them a personalized self-service experience.


✓   Visibility Control

Control which articles are displayed to readers.

✓   Multiple Language Support

Serve your global audience by creating articles in various languages.

✓   Custom Branding

Customize by using the right color, logo, domain, headers, and more, to match your brand.

✓   Feedback Loops

Identify what's working and what's not to improve your knowledge base articles, with the built-in feedback loops provided by Intercom.

✓   Rich Article Composer

Add images, videos, CTA buttons, and more to your knowledge base.

Pricing starts at:



 Helpcrunch knowledge base software

Trusted by small as well as large businesses, HelpCrunch provides the perfect customer support solution.

Loaded with unique features, settings, and integrations, the software works best for providing instant self-service to customers. It offers a complete, end-to-end solution for customer support.

HelpCrunch’s knowledge base software is still developing and will be coming up with more advanced features soon.


✓   WYSIWYG Editor

Write and edit content easily with this powerful editor.

✓   Categories and Sections

Create categories and sections to build a well-structured knowledge base and get an overview of how it performs.

✓   Smart Suggestions

Enable customers and teams to find what they are searching for with smart content suggestions.

✓   Reports & GA Integration

Get information on failed search queries and customer reactions to your articles.

Pricing starts at:


9.Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk Knowledge Base software

As part of its customer support suite, Zoho Desk offers knowledge base software that houses impressive features and powerful functionality. It helps in reducing support tickets, providing instant answers to customers, and creating a line of happy customers.

Best suited for customer-focused businesses, the software enables companies to involve customers and allow them to share ideas and answer questions on a centralized platform.


✓   Multi-Brand Help Centers

Create different help centers for all your brands and give them a unique look.

✓   Data Sharing

Take full control of who can share data.

✓   Domain Mapping

Map your knowledge base to your domain and let it reflect your brand.

✓   SEO-Friendly

Make your knowledge base SEO-ready by including the right keywords, meta titles, and descriptions.

✓   Reports

Track engagement and search patterns of your customers with built-in reports.

✓   Auto-Suggest

Provide relevant content suggestions to agents while they start searching for information.

✓   Portal Customization

Customize your self-service portal with HTML and CSS

Pricing starts at:


10.Zendesk Guide

Self-Service & Knowledge Base with Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide has gained immense popularity, thanks to the wide range of powerful features and settings it offers. Its unmatched search functionality, content management system, AI-backed bots, and effective SEO optimization features make it the perfect knowledge base software. It’s carefully built to help you keep your content updated and serve your customers in the right way.


✓   Rich Text Editor

Its WYSIWYG editor helps you build content and upload multimedia.

✓   Control Access

Keep track of who can access your knowledge base.

✓   Article Import

Import Google Docs directly to your knowledge base and add existing content easily.

✓   Custom Themes

Use customizable themes and give a beautiful look to your knowledge base.

Pricing starts at:


11.Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian confluence knowledge management system

A collaboration software, Atlassian Confluence, is a great pick when it comes to enabling teams to work together. From handy templates and powerful search mechanisms to the system of editing content together, this tool helps you and your team create and manage content collaboratively.


✓   Customizable Templates

Get ready-made templates, put all your content in a pre-defined format, and get started.

✓   Create Anything

Besides including meeting notes, marketing plans, HR policies, etc., you can also add images, videos, and gifs to enhance engagement.

✓   Powerful Search Filters

Help your teams navigate smoothly.

✓   Content Structuring

Group relevant pages and facilitate easy access.

✓   Robust Feedback Process

Allow your teams to edit pages together and give feedback by adding comments.

Pricing starts at:


12. ComAround Knowledge

ComAround Knowledge AI-powered knowledge base software

ComAround Knowledge is a compelling AI-powered knowledge base tool. It is built on the latest Microsoft Azure technology and is the software behind the knowledge management success of various global organizations.

Its primary objective is to improve support flow through effective knowledge sharing. This powerful knowledge management solution helps you solve problems easily and quickly, reduce organizational costs, and deliver an unprecedented experience to your customers.


✓   Knowledge Editor

Edit, import, and publish articles in a jiffy. Identify and remove duplicate content easily.

✓   Reporting & Analytics

Spot knowledge gaps and improve the performance of your knowledge base.

✓   Intelligent Search

Give your customers and knowledge workers an amazing search experience.

Pricing starts at:


13. Inkling Knowledge

Inkling Knowledge knowledge management solution

Inkling Knowledge provides a complete knowledge management solution that helps you at every stage right from content creation and storage to distribution and management.

Intuitive and dynamic, it serves diverse industries, including construction, insurance, finance, professional services, retail, technology, and many more. The software is designed to provide your workforce with a supreme knowledge management experience.


✓   Contextual Content

Provide your teams with a reference library and help them find the right information instantly.

✓   Streamlined Authoring

Create and edit content easily.

✓   Data-Driven Insights

Identify improvement areas and make relevant changes to your knowledge base content.

✓   Mobile-Ready

Make your content responsive for multiple devices and allow your team to access information even when they are offline.

Pricing -

Available on Request.

14. Helprace

Helprace knowledge base software

Helprace is an effective knowledge base tool that helps you cater to both customers and employees, with ease. You can create a self-service portal for customers as well as a private or internal knowledge base for your workforce.

Feature-rich and supported by powerful technology, Helprace is undoubtedly leading the pack when it comes to knowledge management tools.


✓   Multiple Languages

Create content in any language.

✓   Team Access

Control who can access your knowledge base.

✓   Private Docs

Keep your knowledge base completely private, or limit its access to a specific group of people.

✓   Drafts

Your work will be auto-saved as you work on the content.

Pricing starts at:


15. Freshdesk

Freshdesk knowledge management tool

Freshdesk is one of the most popular knowledge management tools on the market. It provides impressive knowledge management solutions across a range of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education, and more. This cloud-based software is noted for its robust user interface and the bouquet of powerful features it offers.


✓   Anytime, Anywhere Access

Help your customers help themselves anytime they want.

✓   Multilingual Support

Translate your content into multiple languages to serve your globally-dispersed customer base.

✓   SEO-Friendly Capabilities

Create a knowledge base that search engines can find easily.

✓   Help Widget

Embed your self-service knowledge base into your website and provide visitors a direct channel to find information.

Pricing starts at:


16. Tettra

Tettra Knowledge Base Software

Tettra is great for creating internal wikis. It reduces or even completely erases information silos, enhances team productivity, and creates a definite growth curve for your business. It's simple, smart, powerful, and connected. This is the reason why Tettra is successful in delivering unparalleled experiences to companies across industries.


✓   Collaborative Editing

Allow various individuals and teams to edit your knowledge base.

✓   Templates

Auto-create pages with its ready-to-use templates.

✓   Smart Search

Index your knowledge base content and make it easily searchable.

✓   Permissions

Set permissions so that only authorized users can access the content.

Pricing starts at:


17. HubSpot

HubSpot knowledge management tool

Hubspot is regarded as one of the best when it comes to knowledge management tools. With a rapidly-increasing customer base and a strong global presence, Hubspot is relentlessly providing businesses with unmatched knowledge management solutions. Its knowledge base software is carefully designed to fit all your needs.


✓   Library of Help Articles

Feed your library with the most relevant information that can be of help to customers.

✓   Customization

Customize and structure your knowledge base the way you want.

✓   Built-in Reporting Dashboard

Track your knowledge base performance with the help of built-in reporting tools.

Pricing starts at:



Helpjuice knowledge base software

Helpjuice is one of the best knowledge base software that is packed with unique features. Plus, it’s customizable and extremely easy to use. It helps you on two major fronts - improving customer support and helping your teams collaborate. Managing content is super easy and fast with this software.


✓   Instant Search

Its robust search functionality makes for a smooth search experience.

✓   Powerful & Easy Editing

Write, edit, and style your content the way you want. You can even structure the content by segregating it into various categories.

✓   Insightful Analytics

Look out for what users are searching for, evaluate how much your articles impact them, and identify the articles most read by users.

✓   Custom Branding

Change the logo, colors, and fonts, of your knowledge base and make it yours.

Pricing starts at:

$120/4 users/month.

19. HelpScout

Helpscout knowledge base software

HelpScout aims to help you create a business that your customers love. Its passion for excellence can be seen in its leading-edge knowledge base software that is versatile and rich in powerful features. This software helps you build a line of happy and satisfied customers, reduce meaningless and repetitive conversations, and bring a significant change in how your customers perceive you.


✓   Docs Editor

Write, edit, and style your content easily with its powerful editor.

✓   SEO-Friendly

Optimize your content for the search engines with its configurable SEO options.

✓   Works on Any Device

Empower your customers to find information anytime, anywhere, while using any device.

✓   Custom CSS

Customize your entire knowledge base with its custom CSS feature.

Pricing starts at:


20. ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Knowledge Management (KM)

ServiceNow Knowledge Management is designed to provide you an amazing experience. The compelling features and functions of this software help you achieve effective knowledge management with ease. It leverages technology to turn your traditional ways of knowledge management into digital workflows so that your employees and customers get everything they want in a snap.


✓   Contextual Search

Provide relevant information to readers and make their search easier.

✓   Workflow

Create custom workflows to ensure that the most accurate articles get published.

✓   Analytics and Dashboards

Track how your articles are utilized and analyze user feedback to improve your knowledge base.

✓   Group Ownership

Assign articles to different groups and give them ownership of managing and maintaining them.

Pricing -

Available on Request.

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