Delight your customers & employees

Improve customer support & employee training with wikis, FAQs & manuals!

Why ProProfs

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Delight your customers & employees



Easily create a knowledge base

Create pages with ease, build structured table of contents & publish instantly.

  • Draft pages

    Draft pages

    Save a page as a draft and come back to it later. You can also change published pages back to drafts at any time.

  • PDF manual

    PDF manual

    Your can download your entire help site as a PDF manual, containing table of contents, bookmarks, links & graphics.

  • True WYSIWYG interface

    True WYSIWYG interface

    What you see while editing is exactly what you get when you publish, with the exception of the design toolbar.



Design beautiful help sites

Easily customize your help sites & user guides. Design with CSS & HTML.

  • Your own domain

    Your own domain

    You can customize the domain names of your help sites and online manuals to reflect your company's URL.

  • Easy customization

    Easy customization

    Use your own custom color theme, header/logo, pages, CSS styles, and domain name.

  • HTML/CSS access

    HTML/CSS access

    Code view gives you easy and direct access to the HTML. You can also enter and use your own CSS styles.



100+ settings, powerful integrations

Your knowledgebase, your way. Integrate with other tools, SSO & more.

  • Multilingual support

    Multilingual support

    ProProfs offers Google Translate integration so you can write and view your site's content in any language.

  • Feedback from users

    Feedback from users

    Gather feedback from your readers about the content on a specific page directly from their mobile device.

  • Analytics & reports

    Analytics & reports

    Gain insight on your clients' searches by adding Google Analytics to your site (logged in users are not tracked).



Collaborate with teams

Get your team involved to create the knowledgebase quickly.

  • Users & roles

    Users & roles

    As the admin of your knowledge base you can add multiple users, assign them roles and control what they do.

  • Enable locks

    Enable locks

    You can enable locks to prevent multiple authors and contributors from overwriting each other’s work.

  • Restrict access

    Restrict access

    You can restrict access to each site, away from public view, by using our URL authentication token.



Access anytime & anywhere!

No more worrying about pesky compatibility issues. We ensure your site looks perfect on any screen or browser.

  • Works on Apple, Android & more
  • Supports iPad, iPhone & more
  • Automatically resize images
  • Add mobile themes
  • Touch-friendly table of contents
  • Browse with swipes & taps
  • Optimized for all screen-sizes

  • Touch friendly

    Touch friendly

    Touch friendly so your users can swipe, tap, and easily browse your documentation on mobile devices.

  • Retina support

    Retina support

    Optimized for pixel-dense resolutions, so large images are automatically re-sized to fit smaller screens.

  • Device support

    Device support

    Tons of devices supported including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Lumia, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Galaxy, HTC & many more.

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