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What are the major causes of poverty in the world?

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Marry Dona

Marry Dona

Answered on Aug 21, 2019

Here are the top 5 causes of global poverty. Have a look at them:

1. Starvation And Lack of Drinking Water:

As of now, more than 2 billion people don't have an adequate amount of clean water to drink at home, whereas over800 million suffer from starvation.

2. Unemployment:

Without a job or no way to make money, people might face poverty. But it’s easy to assume that if someone wants a job, they could have one.

3. Conflict:

Conflict can also cause poverty in many ways. For example; Large scale, protracted violence that we see in places like Syria can grind society to a halt, destroy infrastructure, and cause people to flee, forcing families to sell or leave behind all their assets. In Syria, around70% of the entire population now lives below the poverty line.

4. Inequality:

Be it economical to social inequalities like gender, caste systems, or tribal affiliations, there are many different types of inequality in the world. However, no matter the inequality, it only means the same thing: no access to the resources needed to keep or lift a family out of poverty.

5. Poor Education:

It somehow affects the economic growth of the country, hence causing poverty in the world.

Hope this answer helps!

Yash Mathers

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Yash Mathers, Content Writer, Diploma in Journalism, Austin,Texas

Answered on Jul 17, 2019

Poverty is reckoned to be the most usual consequence of various factors accounting for it in most countries of the world.

Let's have a candor look at them :

  • Over Population: This may be the most cliched term ever, that's why people don't realize the true meaning and the disaster it brings to the table. Resources are limited but the consumers are not. We need to understand this once and for all before we miss that last over winning the ball and lose the world cup.
  • The Dearth of Knowledge: If the population is under control then the second thing that can account for it is lack of knowledge. People are unable to explore their potentials based on their skills because they don't have that exposure which can get them a job or establish their own startup business. Today's education system is good for nothing. Poor education is what needs to be triggered with utmost emergency to help remove this problem globally
  • Scarce resources:Everybody needs food and water to survive. There is no appropriate flow of the proper ingredients to every last one of us that cause diseases and lack of energy that one needs to work and earn some dough.
  • Ever-changing climate:Change is the only constant in this world and every change is for the good except climate change. With unexpected rain, cyclones and earthquakes, etc the crops, houses, infrastructures are getting wrecked which accounts for lesser wages and people losing their jobs
  • Lack of infrastructure: Poor economycountries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Yemen, etc. fail to provide good or even a decent infrastructure their residents that result in people catching a disease, poorly managed household and food management is zero. which hence contributes to poor earnings and poverty.
  • International conflicts: Wars between countries, it has to lead to a halt in construction sites, building and food growing Farms, resulting in Poverty in countries like Syria.

S. Nicole

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S. Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered on Jul 15, 2019

Poverty is a social condition that is characterized by a lack of resources to live a healthy life, or simply a state of being poor. A larger percentage of the world's population is wallowing in extreme poverty, a condition that can be caused by so many things, most importantly economic inequality. So many factors have been pointed out to be the causes of poverty. However, poverty level differs from one country to another.

There are many known causes of poverty in the world. Those factors are actually due to lack of resources or lack of easy access to the specific necessary provisions. The primary cause of poverty is unemployment. When there's no source of livelihood or when someone does not have a job, getting some basic live provisions will definitely be a big problem. When there is no job, there is no money. Another important factor that causes poverty is conflict. "The world is currently facing a lot of both external and internal conflicts, and citizens are the victims". When conflict is ravaging a place, people living in the area will definitely desert their homes and jobs for safety and this will, in turn, lead to poverty.

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