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Child abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. These terms all conjure up concrete pictures for us. And all of these terms relate to the legal term abuse. Seems straight forward, right? Think again, as these quizzes will alter your perception of the legal term abuse.
Picture the boss who places his hand on an employee’s shoulder. Is this abuse? Actually, it is possible. Maybe the employee did not want to be touched and feels this is hinting at a sexual encounter. Therefore, it fits within the parameters of the legal definition of abuse. Even following someone is an abuse - if there is intent to do harm. Watch what you say- and-do as you wrestle with these quizzes on the legal definition of abuse. 

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Abuse Questions and Answers

  • If your roommate asks you information about a client you can share information with them.

  • As mandated reporters, we are required by law to report known or suspected abuse or neglect of a child under the age of 18 to __________________.

  • As a mandated reporter, in the case of medical emergencies, who should be contacted first?

  • You are a mandated reporter of known or suspected abuse
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  • An employer can not interfere with your legal obligation to report abuse
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  • You are responsible to report abuse if:
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  • The Captains of a women’s athletic team created a chem-free team-bonding opportunity for their first-years in the form of a scavenger hunt. The Captains texted first-years, informing them to clear their calendars and arrive at an off-campus apartment at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night. When everyone arrived, the Captains told them this event was optional. No one opted out. The first-years were divided into two groups and given the first of four clues that would take them around campus, where they found the following items: personal lubricant; a condom; a tube of lipstick and the name of a member of the men’s swim team with whom they were to take a picture, incorporating the first three items, and the male swimmer in his Speedo. The Captains thought that because alcohol was not involved, this would be a fine bonding activity and not violate the Bowdoin College Hazing Policy.

  • The Quidditch Team is a quirky yet popular club sport at the College. The seven-player team recently took on two new members, a first-year and a junior. At the first meeting, the agenda was focused on how the team would collectively celebrate the new members. In the end, they chose to watch all eight Harry Potter movies consecutively, in costume, and while playing a Harry Potter drinking game (drink once when someone says, “Potter”; drink twice when someone says “Voldemort”, etc…). After the movies, the team headed to the dining hall. Before they could eat, all members, now drunk, stood on their chairs and yelled, “Expecto Patronum!” for which they received a standing ovation from a crowded dining room. The junior cited this tradition as the reason she decided to join the Quidditch Team.

  • Two upper-class members of a women’s club team emailed their first-years directing them to show up at a campus apartment the following Thursday at midnight. They were told to bring a bathing suit, a black sharpie marker, and a six-pack of beer. They might want to spend extra time at the gym that week, the email chided. A rumor quickly circulated that upper-class students would use the markers to circle the first-years’ body fat. When they arrived, first-years were surprised to find a party waiting for them that did not include wearing the bathing suits or having their bodies drawn on. The upper-class students felt they brought the younger members closer together without having broken any College policies.

  • what is the worst type of abuse?
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  • whats a consequence of child abuse?
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  • which are affects of child abuse?
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