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Child abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. These terms all conjure up concrete pictures for us. And all of these terms relate to the legal term abuse. Seems straight forward, right? Think again, as these quizzes will alter your perception of the legal term abuse.
Picture the boss who places his hand on an employee’s shoulder. Is this abuse? Actually, it is possible. Maybe the employee did not want to be touched and feels this is hinting at a sexual encounter. Therefore, it fits within the parameters of the legal definition of abuse. Even following someone is an abuse - if there is intent to do harm. Watch what you say- and-do as you wrestle with these quizzes on the legal definition of abuse. 

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Abuse Questions

  • Which of the following could be a reportable incident?
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  • Two upper-class members of a women’s club team emailed their first-years directing them to show up at a campus apartment the following Thursday at midnight. They were told to bring a bathing ...

  • You are responsible to report abuse if:
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  • For an action to be physical abuse, the person must have intended to hurt the child.
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  • The Captains of a women’s athletic team created a chem-free team-bonding opportunity for their first-years in the form of a scavenger hunt. The Captains texted first-years, informing them to ...

  • An employer can not interfere with your legal obligation to report abuse
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  • Are you a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect?
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  • The Quidditch Team is a quirky yet popular club sport at the College. The seven-player team recently took on two new members, a first-year and a junior. At the first meeting, the agenda was focused...

  • You are a mandated reporter of known or suspected abuse
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